If Injured In Someone Else’s Car

Protect Yourself and Do These 5 Things If Injured In Someone Else’s Car

If you’ve recently been in an accident involving a car, truck, bike or other moving vehicle, then you may have experienced extreme pain either at the site of the crash or in the days and weeks following.

What you need to know is that if you are injured as a passenger in a car, then you have rights and path to seek medical and financial help.

Every case is different, but there is the opportunity for poor driving and negligence in every car accident. Knowing where to go and the resources you have at your fingertips is the first step in moving forward and getting better.

Read our guide on how to protect yourself by doing these top five things if you are injured in someone else’s vehicle.

Tip #1: Seek Medical Treatment

First things first: No matter what, go seek medical treatment. If your case turns into a lawsuit, the other side will try to claim that you were not seriously injured if you do not seek medical treatment.

This is considered a refusal of treatment. It only works in your best interest to have an examination and have a doctor make the ruling on your injuries. Tell the doctor everything you are feeling and ask to have X-rays, as it is possible to experience serious internal injuries that are not visible at first.

Also, know that you can continue going back to the doctor. Some injuries do not appear for serval days or weeks — or they turn into chronic pain that is irreversible. By documenting your journey of recovery, you are protecting yourself and providing evidence for the physical and emotional turmoil you may experience because of someone else’s driving.

Make sure you request an ambulance on the scene and go to the hospital if you are injured or feeling pain.

Tip #2: Make Sure You Are Included in the Accident Report

The police officer at the scene should note your presence in the accident. Make sure you he or she includes you and that you request a copy of the accident report, should you need to file a lawsuit for injuries in the future. Talk to the police officer, and explain the importance of being included in the report.

Tip #3: Inform Your Insurance

Call your health insurance company and inform your agent that you were involved in an accident. The driver’s car insurance will take care of the issues you experiencing, but it’s always good to document the case with your health insurance as well.

Tip #4: Make Copies of All Bills

Keep good records of all your bills. When someone experiences injuries from a serious car accident, the medical bills can add up quickly. You may be compensated for all or some of those bills and related expenses associated with the bills and doctor’s visits — such as mileage and food expenses. So keep good records, so you can inform you lawyer of the total financial implications of being involved in a car accident.

Tip #5: Seek Legal Counsel

There are times when a serious accident is something that you cannot handle alone. Sometimes you need the help of a professional personal injury lawyer to help you figure out your best course of action. Personal injury lawyers work to restore a person as best as they can.

It may not always happen, but they will try to get you compensated for the physical and emotional pain you have experienced at the hand of a negligent or simply unaware driver. Sometimes the driver isn’t at fault, but a lawyer can help you determine that. Feel free to reach out to get a free evaluation and move from there.

In conclusion, if you are experiencing pain from being a passenger in someone else’s car, now is the time to act.

The longer you wait, the more difficult it may be to move forward and to get the assistance that you need. Make sure you are following our guide of the five most important things you can be doing if you are injured in someone else’s car, and you’ll be one step closer to protecting not only your physical health but your mental and emotional well-being.

Brain Injury Attorney

Brain injuries are among the most serious consequences of major accidents such as automobile or motorcycle crashes, sports injuries, or industrial or workplace mishaps. If you or a loved one suffers from a brain injury caused by another’s carelessness or negligence, you may be able to get financial compensation for your medical costs or pain and suffering.  Call us to find out more today

If You Were Hurt in a Car Accident

Were you in a car accident recently? If You Were Hurt in a Car Accident, You Absolutely Need To Know These 4 Things.

Did you suffer injuries or physical or emotional pain? Did you think you were okay at the accident site, only to go home and experience discomfort or a developing injury at a later time?

Are you unsure of how to move forward and to get the assistance you need to be as whole as possible again?

If you have been involved in a car accident, then read on to learn the top four things you need to know as you proceed in the aftermath of what often is a shocking and painful situation.

It doesn’t matter if someone didn’t mean to hurt you. The bottom line is that when a car accident happens and you get hurt, the other driver could be responsible. There are professionals who can assist you along the way, but first you need to know where to start in the process.

Here’s exactly what you need to know to get help following a car accident where you or a loved one got injured.

Tip #1: Compile Your Crash Evidence

The attending police officer will gather information from both drivers, but it’s important for you also to do your own investigation. Make sure you have the contact information of the other driver.

Take photos of the damage to both cars, if any. Take photos of the accident site, and note the roads where the accident happened. All of this information will be very valuable to you as you move forward.

Tip #2: Visit the Doctor

Sometimes you don’t realize you have been hurt until much later. Internal injuries that are not noticeable to the eye happen all the time in serious car accidents. You may find that you wake up the next day with severe shoulder or back pain.

On the day of the accident, your body may have been overcompensating with a rush of adrenaline, but you can almost count on some kind of physical pain following a serious car accident.

Tip #3: Do Not Talk About the Accident

It’s important that you cease to discuss the accident with the other driver. If the other driver has questions about the case or would like an update on you, please refer that person to your personal injury lawyer.

Your lawyer is best equipped to protect your rights and interests in the case and can help ensure that the other driver — especially in cases of negligent driving — gets all of the information he or she needs. This is a good extra step to take just in case things go badly in your communication with the other driver.

Tip #4: Request the Traffic Report

Finally, make sure you request the traffic report. Your police officer will collect all of the information of both drivers at the accident site and give you and the other driver contact forms with your phone numbers and addresses.

But then he or she files what is known as a traffic collision report. You usually can get this report in a few days either online or via mail. But the police department will not automatically send it to you. You need to take the extra step of requesting it so that you can read it on your own and make sure the account articulated in the traffic collision report is accurate and reflects your account of the car accident.

Remember that a traffic accident is not always your fault and that you have a path to seek health and safety in the process. With a little research and some peace of mind, you’re on your way to getting the attention and service you need following a car accident that caused you or a loved one physical or emotional harm.

Sometimes it isn’t apparent what is really going on with your body at the time of impact. If you learn that you are hurt hours, days or even months after a car accident, remember these four top tips so that you can manage your help and get the assistance you need.

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents touch on many areas of law, such as product liability, personal injury, and property rights. If you or a loved one have been injured in a motorcycle accident, you should first seek immediate medical treatment. Then, you may want to have an attorney review your claim for free, to help you understand what your next steps should be. Getting legal help can put your mind at ease and let you focus on what matters most — getting better.

Slip & Fall Accidents

A lawsuit can allow victims of a slip and fall accident to receive compensation for any medical costs, lost wages, and pain and suffering they endured. However, slip and fall lawsuits are often complicated affairs, involving expert witnesses and medical evidence. Before moving forward with a claim, it’s typically a good idea to contact an experienced attorney for a free consultation.

Personal Injury Lawyer

So you’ve suffered an injury and decided to sue the person who did it to you. You’ve given your lawyer all the information and now you’re sitting in settlement negotiations trying to figure out what’s happening. What is “proximate cause,” or “punitive damages,” or “contributory negligence?”  Call us today and we can help you make sense of all this

Negligent Security Law

Negligent security cases fall under the area of premises liability law. When a property owner is accused of having negligent security, it means that a property owner did not guard a person and their personal property adequately. Negligent security cases may involve hotels, stores, restaurants,  malls, parking garages, or apartment complexes. Commercial property owners do not have to guarantee the safety of everyone who enters the property, however, they must respond appropriately to foreseeable risks.

The Best Guide For Getting A Reliable Lawyer

The Best Guide For Getting A Reliable Lawyer

Do you need some legal assistance? Regardless of your reasons, you must understand that lawyers are expensive and legal matters are frustrating. However, if you use the tips given in the following article, you can hire a reliable lawyer without breaking the bank. Keep reading to learn how.

Finding a reliable lawyer

If you find that a lawyer is actively seeking you out, refrain from hiring them. Respectable lawyers do not solicit new clients. Do your research and create a short list before approaching anyone. Instead, ask friends or family if they have used a reliable lawyer before.

Although the high cost of hiring a specialty lawyer can be daunting, it is well worth it. It is always a good idea to do your research before you hire a lawyer to find one that you can afford.

Before signing contracts, be sure the lawyer has won some cases that are similar to yours. A lawyer can specialize in a certain area and still have a losing track record. If you are unable to find online this information, the attorney should willingly provide it for you.

Before you take on a lawyer, talk to your local bar association to find out whether they have had complaints in the past. If they have some, read into them and make your judgments on whether you want to hire them.

Before you have a lawyer working for you, have a fee agreement in writing and signed. This will keep you on the same page about the costs, and let you worry about the case. Further, your finances will be more predictable.

Try to find a lawyer who is not booked with many cases. Ask your lawyer up front whether or not they have time for your case. Your attorney should be honest with you about what he can reasonably do.

If you want to reduce your costs, see if there are tasks you can perform to avoid fees. Maybe you could be of assistance in getting the paperwork ready for your court date. You can pick up documents from the court so their staff doesn’t have to.

When you need legal representation, you need a lawyer who has the background experience to handle your case. When it comes to finding a reliable lawyer, look no further than Singleton Law Firm.

reliable attorney

The Best Guide For Getting A Reliable Lawyer


Personal Injury Attorney

As a personal injury attorney  we can locate experts to help in the evaluation and presentation of your case, if it proceeds to trial. Most cases are handled as contingency fee cases, which means that the personal injury attorney is paid at the conclusion of the case, and only if you recover

Safeguarding Your Legal Rights

We are proud to be lawyers dedicated to representing people and their loved ones who have suffered serious personal injury or death. We strive to make a positive difference in our clients’ lives by safeguarding their legal rights and holding accountable any individual, corporation or government who causes personal injury or death. For over 23 years we have battled insurance companies in order to protect your interests!