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After A car accident there are many questions. Who is to blame? Who pays for the damage to my vehicle? Who will pay for my doctor’s visits? Singleton Law Firm can help. Contact us today.

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Medical Bills

Singleton Law Firm understands  the process of negotiating on behalf of our injured clients. In addition, our professional attorneys know well the procedure of documenting all types of damages suffered by our clients. The damages may include medical bills, lost wages rehabilitation, and any non-economic damages like pain & suffering. Our lawyers are experts in the protection of our clients` interests. We are always prepared to serve our clients, and when an insurance firm doesn’t provide a good settlement, will take that case to court. For sure, we offer high-quality, dedicated legal representation in any personal injury claims.

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Admittedly, medical bills for personal injuries might be astronomical, especially when severe injuries occur. Some examples of the catastrophic injuries are traumatic brain injuries, permanent scarring, spinal cord injury, and loss of limbs among many others. Addressing such claims skillfully is really an urgent issue because the future health of a person is at stake.

Indeed, people who have suffered such severe injuries must have access to the recently released and efficient treatments and adequate financial plan that will support them during treatment & beyond. Our experienced legal team at Singleton Law Firm has served as defense lawyers for various large insurance firms. Therefore, we have a deeper insight on how such companies operate.

We understand well the actions that they can take in an effort to evade paying their clients fair settlements in a car accident or personal injury case. For an individual to win a case based on negligence, he or she must always prove duty, damages, breach of duty, and also the proximate cause.

Whether an individual has been involved in a single vehicle accident, motorcycle accident, or even a multi-vehicle accident, he or she has legal rights to seek compensation benefits. Our attorneys help our clients in determining automotive product liability for any car accidents. Our attorneys help our clients in relieving the anxiety and stress that they might be experiencing after severe injuries by assisting them to get financial compensation for their injuries. We know that injuries are normally severe when it involves an 18-wheeler accident or tractor trailer accident. Contact us and be sure to get the highest legal representation in the area.

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We are experts in personal injury cases. We are available 24/7/365. Hence, we are dependable. We have served a multitude of clients. Therefore, we have decades of skills, knowledge, and competency. Call Singleton Law Firm now for quality legal representation.

Medical Bills


Bus Accident Attorney

Determining who is liable for a bus accident injury may seem simple at first, but it is not always so tat easy. There are a number of different entities that could be found liable for a bus accident. If you have been involved in a bus accident contact Singleton Law Firm today and let us guide you through this difficult process.

Auto Accident Lawyer

Retaining a personal injury lawyer to represent you after a auto accident means you will have an expert working for you that understands all applicable laws and procedural rules that may affect your case.

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Expert Personal Injury Attorney’s: Singleton Law Firm

Welcome to Singleton Law Firm. Our company takes pride on its personal injury attorney’s who are always devoted to representing our clients and their family members who have suffered severe personal injuries or even death. We fight to ensure that we make a positive difference in the lives of our clients by protecting their rights, and ensuring that any person, government, or corporation that caused personal injuries or death are held accountable. For more than 23 years, we have really fought insurance firms in order to safeguard the interests of our clients. We always fight aggressively to make sure that we get 100% of the compensation benefits that are available for our clients under the law.

Alpharetta Personal Injury Attorney’s: Protecting The Legal Rights Of Our Clients

We offer the highest legal representation level possible. Singleton Law Firm is the top provider of professional legal services in the legal community. Martindale-Hubbell rates our legal firm highly. Our legal experts pride themselves on their dedication to treating all our clients equally. For sure, honesty, best results, and integrity are the hallmarks of our practice.

We Work On A Contingency Basis

Singleton Law Firm personal injury lawyers work on contingency fees basis. Therefore, our legal fees are paid as a percentage of a legal settlement only in case our client win the case and recover money.

All our lawyers understand that when a client is involved in a serious truck accident, car accident, or even experienced a slip and fall, his or her life and the lives of their family members will be changed dramatically. Therefore, we are ready to help in offsetting the expenses of hospital stays or even rehabilitation, recovering of the lost income, and recovering money for pain & suffering. Our personal injury attorney’s aim is always to ensure that the legal rights of our clients are protected. Contact Georgia personal injury lawyers at Singleton Law Firm today for legal help.

Why Choose Our Legal Services

• We are experienced

We have represented many people for more than 23 years. Therefore, we have decades of knowledge and expertise. Our personal injury lawyers always ensure that the legal rights of our clients are safeguarded. Besides, we have won thousands of cases. We are devoted to supplying high-quality legal representation to all our clients.

• We work on contingency fees basis

This means that our clients can only pay our legal fees after winning their cases.

Contact our legal experts today and be sure to get the highest quality legal representation.

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