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Singleton Law Firm – Douglas County GA Personal Injury Law Firm Wheelchair Fall Verdict Announced

Atlanta personal injury law firm the Singleton Law Firm announced the successful conclusion of a wheelchair injury lawsuit in Douglas County, GA. The plaintiff in the case has been awarded $2.6 million for injuries that drastically altered the quality of her life.

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The firm announced the verdict in favor of a patient at Douglas Hospital who suffered a fractured femur and a shattered knee after falling while attempting to exit her wheelchair. Attorney Donald Singleton tried the case alongside attorneys Michael Goldberg and Bradley Thomas. The Atlanta personal injury law firm received the verdict after reinstatement by the Georgia Court of Appeals.

Following a summary judgment that dismissed the case, the Singleton Law Firm and its associates appealed the case based on its merits and the fact that the client suffered long-term injuries and extended rehabilitation after entering a hospital for an unrelated preoperative evaluation. Aside from this verdict, the firm has won more than $8.9 million in compensation in several landmark cases.

According to a spokesperson for the Georgia personal injury attorney, “We are pleased by the court’s verdict in favor of a deserving client who has suffered greatly on account of her injuries. The jury honored our request by awarding compensation commensurate with the loss of quality of life suffered by our client. We remain committed to helping victims of intentional wrong and negligence stand up for their rights and receive the highest possible compensation under the law.”

The law firm provides a free legal consultation and strong legal representation services in Fulton, Cherokee, Dekalb, Gilmer, Forsyth, Walton, Cobb, Bartow, Paulding, and Gwinnett counties. The firm’s practice areas cover personal injury, automobile accidents, medical and daycare negligence, wrongful death, dog bite claims, automobile and trucking accidents as well as other areas of negligent and harmful wrongdoing.

Singleton Law Firm is headed by Atlanta personal injury attorney Donald Singleton, an experienced legal professional with more than 28 years of legal practice in the state of Georgia.

Singleton has been adjudged as a top lawyer by Martindale-Hubbell and has been placed on the Georgia Super Lawyers list. He has also been recognized as one of the top trial lawyers in the country. The law firm holds an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

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Singleton Law Firm 2.6 Million Recovery

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Brain Injuries Alpharetta GA

Brain Injuries And Legal Help

Have you suffered from head trauma recently? Are you confused whether it is a brain injury? If so, you need to know the most common signs of brain injuries and how you can get the right legal help. It might become troublesome if you start looking into legal matters on your own. This is when Alpharetta brain injury lawyer comes to your rescue. A professional Alpharetta brain injury lawyer can help you offset the various costs that can arise as a result of brain injuries.

The human brain is a complex organ consisting of structures and neural pathways, many of which relate to memory and learning. Traumatic brain injuries tend to affect parts relating to memory and learning, commonly resulting in memory loss in people. Even individuals who have suffered mild trauma to their brain can suffer from memory loss issues.

Types Of Memory Loss

There are three types of memories; short-term, long-term, and perspective. A brain injury can impair all types of memories, affecting the victim’s lifestyle.

Long Term, Short Term, And Prospective Memory

A long-term memory is anything you remember that happened more than a few minutes ago. TV shows and movies have romanticized the idea of memory loss, showing brain injuries resulting in complete loss of long-term memory.

A short-term memory, in contrast, lasts for about 18-30s. Most of the loss experienced is regarding short-term memory.

Prospective memory is involved in recalling plans and actions long enough for you to act on them.

People suffering from brain injuries might face issues such as forgetting a particular route they have known their whole life, inability to recall activities done earlier that day, showing up at gatherings at the wrong time, and so on.

Getting Legal Help

Brain injuries can be emotionally frustrating, taxing, and can put you in a number of financial challenges. Treatment can be expensive and is often long term.

You might be eligible for compensation especially if the injury has been caused due to someone else’s negligence. For example, if the injury was a result of a car crash, you should consult a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible.

Was your brain injury caused in Alpharetta, Georgia? Get in touch with the top ranking personal injury lawyer here in Alpharetta, Georgia. Contact us at 770-880-6010, our personal brain injury attorney will help you choose the best course of action for your case.

Brain Injuries

Personal Injury Law Firm

We go beyond the ordinary to handle your personal injury law. Our competent staff knows the insurance company tactics. With us, just compensation is within your reach. Contact us today.

Semi Trucks Accident Attorney

Semi Trucks: A Danger To Our Road Safety?

The number of heavy trucks in Alpharetta is increasing considerably. Heavy vehicles such as semi trucks pose a greater threat to road safety because not only they are heavier and this weight creates greater impact force if they crash but they also take longer to stop. 3,896 people were killed in large truck accidents in the US in 2016.

According to a news report, in September 2015, a bridge over the Skagit River close to Seattle collapsed after an oversized truck whacked against the steel truss of the bridge. News reports and statistics such as the ones mentioned tend to make one think large trucks are a danger to the American lives and infrastructure. However, a 2013 research paper on car-truck-crash fault concludes, car drivers are at fault about 70%-75% of the times. Even then, the drivers get away despite being at fault because of unavailability of worthy truck accident attorneys. Singleton’s law firm’s Alpharetta truck accident attorney will help you identify if the driver is at fault and would help you file a solid case.


One of the most common arguments made against letting out bigger and heavier trucks on our roads is the destruction they can cause to local infrastructure. One 40-ton truck can do as much damage as 9600 cars to a road. Repairing and rebuilding this damaged infrastructure would cost the local government billions of dollars from their budgets. These costs are simply not affordable.

The second most popular concern is the threat posed to the safety of the public. In large truck accidents, the majority of the deaths are of occupants of cars and other passenger vehicles, pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorists.

Despite the opposition to bigger and heavier trucks on the roads, investments in these vehicles show no sign of slowing down. Regardless of whether the trucker or the car driver is at fault, both parties need to practice road safety.

How To Ensure Road Safety

For truck drivers especially, the job shouldn’t just start after filling in the paperwork and handling the truck keys. A thorough orientation about truck safety followed by practices that encourage communication between the truck driver and the company could be the starting point.

Followed by vans, cars and bikes, big trucks account for the largest number of vehicles involved in accidents in Georgia. The leading causes are a lack of space between the two vehicles, the driver losing control, illegal speeding and improper change of lanes.

As Atlanta’s truck accident attorneys, the Singleton Law firm recommends truck accident victims to seek legal help. If you have ever been in a truck accident, it is advisable to not wait. We know the events surrounding truck accidents occur very swiftly. Instead of worrying about the legal issues yourself, a better choice is to let expert truck accident attorneys handle the matter.

Speak to Singleton Law Firm’s Alpharetta truck accident’s attorneys on 770-889-6010 or visit our website to get your hands on the best truck accident attorneys.

Semi Trucks

Semi Trucks