The Necessary Preparations When Considering A Lawsuit

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Car Fire Accident Lawyer

Car Fire Accident Lawyer

As you can imagine, car accidents can be hazardous. You can not only get severely hurt, but your property may be damaged. Seeing your car go up in smoke is one of the worse things that can happen following an accident. The consequences are devastating when a car fire erupts due to a defect in your car. The Alpharetta car fire accident lawyer at Singleton Law Firm has been fighting for their clients throughout Alpharetta for the past three decades. We understand that car fires are deadly, cost thousands of dollars, and can seriously harm you, your family, and anyone involved in the accident. We will fight aggressively and tirelessly to ensure potential parties are held responsible for causing your accident.

Car Fires Happen More Than You Think

The data from the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) shows that about 152,300 car fires occurred every year between 2006 and 2010. On average, 209 deaths, 764 injuries, and close to $536 million in property damage occurred due to these fires. This means, every hour, an average of 17 car fires are reported, and every week, an average of four people are killed.

Vehicle Fire Causes

What causes car fires? According to NFPA, overturns and collisions accounted for only 4 percent of the car fires, yet they caused 60 percent of the car fire deaths. This means that a defect in the vehicle, either electrical or mechanical, causes about two-thirds of car fires.

A vehicle fire erupting following a car accident can be due to several reasons, including defective design or manufacture of the vehicle. Perhaps, the car’s gas tank or fuel-delivery system are defective, causing ruptures that spew gasoline where one spark can ignite it.

Severe burns or even death can occur when a car with occupants catches fire. They may survive the initial impact completely intact, but if they are in a vehicle and it is engulfed in flames, they may not survive the car fire.

A horrific car fire such as this should not occur, but it does due to design or manufacturing defects that cause a catastrophic car fire. Usually, the car fire right after the crash causes the most damage.

After a Car Fire Accident

A burn injury is excruciating and can take years to heal. An extremely may have to be amputated if you have suffered a fourth-degree burn on it. You may be facing a lifetime of medical treatment and physical therapy. Furthermore, you may not be able to go back to your job if you have suffered extensive burn injuries. You need to adjust to drastic changes in your life. However, your insurance company may not cover all your expenses. You need to contact a Car Fire Accident Lawyer.

If something faulty in your vehicle caused your accident, then you can pursue a product liability case. For instance, your car unexpected caught fire while driving, causing severe burn injuries. After carrying out investigation and examining the vehicle, it was discovered that the gas line was faulty, some the manufacturer had known about but didn’t fix it. This is a case of product liability. You need to hire a car fire accident lawyer Alpharetta to help you file a claim/lawsuit against the manufacturer.

Our Car Fire Accident Lawyer is Ready to Help

If you were injured in a fire that erupted after a car accident or due to a defective part, it is time to take action. The Alpharetta car fire accident lawyer at Singleton Law Firm has been fighting for the rights of our clients for more than four decades.

Car Fire Accident Lawyer

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Car Fire Accident Lawyer

Car Fire Accident Lawyer

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