Alpharetta DUI Accident Lawyer

Alpharetta DUI Accident Lawyer

Alpharetta DUI Accident Lawyer

At Singleton Law Firm, Alpharetta, Georgia, we firmly believe that victims of DUI accidents shouldn’t be left to handle the physical, financial, or emotional consequences of sustaining injuries at their accord. So, if you or your loved one have been injured in a drunk driving accident, your choice of legal representation can affect the outcome of your case or claim significantly. You need a highly qualified and experienced Alpharetta DUI Accident Lawyer in Georgia. Our dedicated legal team is often referred to as “Lawyers for the People,” and decades of legal experience and commitment backs us.

The court may ask you to prove the following elements depending on the circumstances of your case or claim:

  • Injury – The injured individual must show that injuries resulted from the DUI accident.
  • Breach of duty – The injured person must also show that the other motorist did not obey basic traffic laws.
  • Duty – Drivers owe other drivers the duty to obey all traffic laws and drive in safely.
  • Causation – The injured person must show that the negligent of other driver caused the accident

Finding the Best DUI Accidents Lawyer for You

It can be quite challenging to choose the right DUI accidents lawyer, especially if you have never hired one before. Luckily, here at Singleton Law Firm, we would like to help you make an informed decision.  The following are three crucial tips to assist you to find the DUI accidents attorney in Alpharetta, Georgia best suited to your needs:

  1. Schedule Appointments As Soon As Possible

Yes, “appointments” plural. Do not narrow your search to only one appointment.  You may discover the lawyer isn’t at all what you are looking for and you probably have lost precious time while waiting for your appointment when you could’ve just interviewed other firms.

  1. Conduct An Online Search

Visit the websites of the firms you are considering. You will likely find listings for several (and we mean many) potential firms to represent you. But, do they claim to be mainly competent in any specific area? How long has the law firm engaged in motor vehicle accidents and other personal injury practices?

  1. Ask Friends And Relatives

Your relatives and friends can recommend you a good DUI accidents lawyer they may have worked together in the past, and they were quite satisfied with their legal aid. Find out, as best as you can, how long the matter took to resolve, what the facts of the case were and whether they were satisfied with the outcome of the case.

Alpharetta DUI Accident Lawyer

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