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If you are in the Alpharetta or the Atlanta, Georgia area and looking for an attorney to help you with your case Donald W. Singleton will work with you to find the best suitable approach for your case.

Why us as your Alpharetta personal injury attorney?

An attorney can locate experts to help in the evaluation and presentation of your case, if it proceeds to trial. Most cases are handled as contingency fee cases, which means that the attorney is paid at the conclusion of the case, and only if you recover. Donald W. Singleton will have any agreement regarding payment, costs, etc., in writing at the outset of the case.

What Makes A Good Alpharetta Personal Injury Attorney?

You can see advertisements for an Alpharetta personal injury attorney on billboards, or TV or in phone books. What you can’t necessarily tell is whether or not they’re actually a good fit for your case. After all, the law books behind them tend to look exactly the same.

A good rule of thumb is to find an Alpharetta personal injury attorney with specific experience on your case, whether it’s a faulty product or an auto accident. Qualified attorneys like those at Singleton Law Firm will describe their case experience in terms of trial results or settlement amounts. And they will also help to walk you through the factor that can impact the success of your case, so that you have a realistic understanding of the outcome.

But along with experience, you want an Alpharetta personal injury attorney who makes you feel comfortable and optimistic about the results of your case. They may have to ask difficult and in-depth questions, but you want someone who is genuinely compassionate. Be sure to see how members of the office act towards you.

Money is important, too. Many personal injury lawyers operate on a contingency basis. That means that they will get a percentage of either the settlement or the jury award. You want to make sure that the attorney you pick has rates that are in line with others in the area, or at least has a track record to match their percentages. You also want to ask whether or not they have the financial resources to prepare for your case and hire experts as needed.

It comes down to experience, comfort level and results. Lawyers who will work hard for you to bring a personal injury case can make a difficult situation easier to bear. Contact the Alpharetta personal injury attorney team at Singleton Law Firm today for a free consultation and advice about your case. Fill out this form immediately:

Alpharetta Personal Injury attorneyAlpharetta Personal Injury Attorney