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Singleton Law Firm Awarded 2.6M

Singleton Law Firm – Douglas County GA Personal Injury Law Firm Wheelchair Fall Verdict Announced Atlanta personal injury law firm the Singleton Law Firm announced the successful conclusion of a wheelchair injury lawsuit in Douglas County, GA. The plaintiff in the case has been awarded $2.6 million for injuries that drastically altered the quality of her […]

Brain Injuries Alpharetta GA

Brain Injuries And Legal Help Have you suffered from head trauma recently? Are you confused whether it is a brain injury? If so, you need to know the most common signs of brain injuries and how you can get the right legal help. It might become troublesome if you start looking into legal matters on […]

Semi Trucks Accident Attorney

Semi Trucks: A Danger To Our Road Safety? The number of heavy trucks in Alpharetta is increasing considerably. Heavy vehicles such as semi trucks pose a greater threat to road safety because not only they are heavier and this weight creates greater impact force if they crash but they also take longer to stop. 3,896 […]

Alpharetta Personal Injury Attorney

Alpharetta Personal Injury Attorney As Alpharetta Personal Injury Attorney we handle cases all over the state of Georgia and all the Metro Atlanta area. This makes us one of the most sought-after legal counsels in Georgia. We help our clients access quality legal services relating to personal injury efficiently. Our primary task is to provide […]