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According to the study that was carried out by American Burn Association, there are approximately 1.1 million people who suffer from a burn injury every year in the U.S, and all these people require treatments. Approximately forty-five thousand (45,000) of these people require hospitalization, and about forty-five thousand (45,000) of these people die.

Most of these burn injuries are commonly caused by reckless, negligent, or even intentional conducts of other parties. Indeed, burn injuries might result from automobile accidents, fires, work-related injuries, and defective products among others.

Such injuries mostly cause severe pain and may result in life-threatening infections & serious disfigurement. Often victims face several years of on-going surgeries and treatments. Such surgeries and treatments result in higher medical bills. In addition, most victims find themselves permanently or temporarily disabled, and might have many months of lost earnings or income. In case there are individuals who have suffered accidental burn injuries, it is always crucial to contact competent lawyers who have proven success, especially in recovering significant compensation benefits for burn injury clients.

Experienced Burn Injury Attorneys

We are the most preferred law firm in the region. We represent our clients fully. We have years of competence, knowledge, and skills in such cases.

Why Choose Singleton Law Firm

• Our lawyers have won thousands of burn injury cases

We are always committed to representing all our clients. In fact, we have won many cases. Therefore, we have the best teams of attorneys to represent our clients. Choose us today.

• We are experienced

For sure, we have served the people of the region for many years. Besides, we have served thousands of clients. Therefore, we are skilled, competent, and knowledgeable. We really understand how to handle our clients’ cases, and we always ensure that their rights are protected. Without a doubt, we represent the interests of all our clients.

• We make hospital and home visits

Our lawyers are devoted, and they always visit our clients.

• We do not charge any fees unless our lawyers win a case

We don’t need any legal fees unless we secure substantial compensation benefits for our clients. If we don’t succeed, we won`t require any fees from our clients.

• Free consultation

Singleton Law Firm in Alpharetta GA provides free case review and consultation.

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We are dedicated to assisting our clients.

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