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Georgia Car Accident Attorney

Motor vehicle accidents are a matter of growing concern. The work of our lawyers is to ensure that an individual receives full benefits from an insurance companies. Besides, our car accident attorney here at Singleton Law Firm help to determine whether an individual can file a claim for additional damages.

In case an individual suffers a serious injury, our law firm helps a person  file a lawsuit so as to claim payment beyond what is provided by protection claims.

For eligibility of personal injury lawsuits, the victim of the accident must have had significant injuries or died. Some of the injuries include brain damage, paralysis, broken bones, disfigurement and significant head injury.

Once an individual has exhausted his or her (PIP) personal injury protection benefits, he or she may decide to take a lawful action against the car driver at fault for the accident. Our able lawyers will help such person to prepare his or her claim by:

• Collecting accident scene and police reports

• Taking photographs of the injuries, damage and scene

• Questioning eyewitnesses

• Reconstructing the scene of the accident

• Analyzing the reports from medical officers

• Speaking to the providers of the insurance cover on behalf of the person

The success and strength of an individual’s claims entirely depend on the ability of his or her lawyer to analyze, collect and present the collected evidence. Our law firm has a team of dedicated lawyers who are committed to winning the cases of all our clients.

Despite the fact that the process is not an easy task, providing our attorneys with all the most relevant information will help strengthen individuals claim.

Types Of Car Accident Claims

Most of the motor-vehicle accident claims includes

• Negligence

• Manufacturer’s Liability,

• Road Design

• Wrongful Deaths.

Admittedly, the attorneys in our firm have enough experience and are knowledgeable in car accident claims. As a matter of fact, our car accident attorney can fight for the maximum payments that an individual deserves. Besides, we here at Singleton  Law Firm provide legal counsel that can guide an individual and his or her loved ones through this very difficult time.

Car Accident Attorney

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