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Alpharetta Brain Injury Attorney

Alpharetta Brain Injury Attorney 

Hiring the Right Alpharetta Brain Injury Attorney.

Are you looking for an Alpharetta brain injury attorney? Survivors of traumatic brain injuries, Alpharetta, GA learning to cope with permanent damage, such as the loss of various mental and physical abilities, often face lifelong challenges.

Filing A Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Claim

In most cases, a traumatic brain injury (TBI) will affect the family and the loved ones of the survivor. They may struggle to afford the medical treatment and daily care that’s necessary after traumatic brain injuries, Alpharetta. The financial costs of living with a traumatic brain injury can add up quickly and deplete the life savings of a family in a short period.

If you or your loved one has suffered a traumatic brain injury, Alpharetta due to another’s wrongdoing or recklessness, it’s within your rights to seek compensation from the at-fault party. The Alpharetta brain injury attorney at Singleton Law Firm, LLC are committed to assisting families to overcome the injustice of such a devastating injury. They’ll ensure that the responsible party is held accountable. Contact us today to discuss whether legal action is the correct choice for your circumstances.

What Accidents Cause Traumatic Brain Injuries?

Common causes of traumatic brain injuries include slip and falls, auto accidents, motorcycle collisions, construction accidents, bike crashes, and violent crime. Although it may be impossible to prevent all instances of traumatic brain injuries, when another person, organization, or company caused a collision as the result of wrongdoing or recklessness, the surviving family members or victims can seek financial compensation through the civil justice system.

How Can A Traumatic Brain Injury Affect My Life?

Not all of the consequences of a traumatic brain injury may be apparent immediately after an accident. Therefore, a long-term understanding of the impacts of such an injury is vital. Depending on the area of the brain that has been damaged and the seriousness of the injury, the results can vary significantly. In general, however, certain issues are common after a traumatic brain injury including:

  • Inability to return to work
  • Difficulty communicating
  • Immediate medical costs for treatment of injury
  • Difficulty performing previously routine tasks
  • Ongoing medical costs for care or rehabilitation
  • The additional need for care or assistance from family
  • Additional costs for medical supplies or equipment

Alpharetta Brain Injury Attorney 

It can be difficult to manage the financial consequences of a traumatic brain injury. The combination of additional expenses for treatment, medical bills, and equipment and the loss of employment can be crippling.

Even when someone gets disability payments, that’s often not enough to compensate him or her fully for the new costs of living. That’s why a civil lawsuit against the party that negligently caused the traumatic brain injury is not only reasonable but also financially necessary.

Proving negligence or wrongdoing on your own is difficult, which is why having an experienced Alpharetta brain injury attorney is so important. At Singleton Law Firm, LLC, we have a great deal of experience with traumatic brain injury cases and helping the injured parties get the compensation they deserve. Call us today at (770) 889 6010.

Alpharetta Brain Injury Attorney 

Alpharetta Brain Injury Attorney 

Brain Injuries Alpharetta GA

Brain Injuries And Legal Help

Have you suffered from head trauma recently? Are you confused whether it is a brain injury? If so, you need to know the most common signs of brain injuries and how you can get the right legal help. It might become troublesome if you start looking into legal matters on your own. This is when Alpharetta brain injury lawyer comes to your rescue. A professional Alpharetta brain injury lawyer can help you offset the various costs that can arise as a result of brain injuries.

The human brain is a complex organ consisting of structures and neural pathways, many of which relate to memory and learning. Traumatic brain injuries tend to affect parts relating to memory and learning, commonly resulting in memory loss in people. Even individuals who have suffered mild trauma to their brain can suffer from memory loss issues.

Types Of Memory Loss

There are three types of memories; short-term, long-term, and perspective. A brain injury can impair all types of memories, affecting the victim’s lifestyle.

Long Term, Short Term, And Prospective Memory

A long-term memory is anything you remember that happened more than a few minutes ago. TV shows and movies have romanticized the idea of memory loss, showing brain injuries resulting in complete loss of long-term memory.

A short-term memory, in contrast, lasts for about 18-30s. Most of the loss experienced is regarding short-term memory.

Prospective memory is involved in recalling plans and actions long enough for you to act on them.

People suffering from brain injuries might face issues such as forgetting a particular route they have known their whole life, inability to recall activities done earlier that day, showing up at gatherings at the wrong time, and so on.

Getting Legal Help

Brain injuries can be emotionally frustrating, taxing, and can put you in a number of financial challenges. Treatment can be expensive and is often long term.

You might be eligible for compensation especially if the injury has been caused due to someone else’s negligence. For example, if the injury was a result of a car crash, you should consult a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible.

Was your brain injury caused in Alpharetta, Georgia? Get in touch with the top ranking personal injury lawyer here in Alpharetta, Georgia. Contact us at 770-880-6010, our personal brain injury attorney will help you choose the best course of action for your case.

Brain Injuries

Brain Injury Compensation

Choosing Lawyers For Brain Injury Compensation

It is unlikely that you have ever considered what situations you might have to face if your child, brother, sister or a parent were to suffer a catastrophic accident that left them with a severe brain injury, unless you presently find yourself in such an unfortunate situation.

When a brain injury occurs, any combination of effects is possible.

In more extreme cases, a family member who has had a trauma resulting in a brain injury may be unable to feed, clothe or wash themselves unaided; speech and cognitive thought may be impaired. It is also possible that co-ordination and movement could be adversely affected by a brain injury. For example, in some milder cases a family member who has had a trauma resulting in a brain injury may lose the ability to remember what was said or done a few moments previously, or may be unable remember much of their previous life, but may function quite normally in all other respects.

Precisely which effects are experienced will depend on which areas of the brain have suffered injury and damage. Unlike many other body tissues, our nervous system is not able to heal or repair itself very effectively, even with time. Very small improvements and recovery of partial function can be gained as a result of ongoing specialist therapy and treatment for brain injury. However, in the vast majority of cases, a significant degree of recovery from the damage caused by a serious brain injury is unlikely. However severe a brain injury may be, the time will come when the patient can be brought home, and day-to-day responsibility for care will pass to the family and specialist nursing staff. This means that practical plans must be made to address the realities that face a family member who has had a trauma resulting in a brain injury in the months and years ahead.

A brain injury compensation award will fund the ongoing care of a family member who has had a trauma resulting in a brain injury, enabling families to achieve the best possible quality of life in the years ahead for all concerned. This is where specialist advice from a legal firm with considerable experience in handling, managing and executing brain injury claims is essential.

The issues are many and complex and only one compensation award will be made. If the figures or claim procedures used to pursue a brain injury compensation case are inadequate to provide lifelong care, there is no opportunity to go back to the courts to ask for further funds at a later date, even if the initial compensation award for brain injury proves to be insufficient. Settlements may take between three and five years to achieve, and in the interim, the brain injured patient will still need specialist equipment, adaptations to homes, therapy and specialist nursing care. A legal firm that specialises in serious brain injury cases will be able to help you, as contrary to widely held beliefs, they will do far more than merely fight your case for you in the courts. A good firm will be able to assist you in finding expert staff as well as helping you to manage the day to day living requirements of a patient with a brain injury.

If you are reading this article because you are experiencing the trauma of a loved one having suffered a brain injury and are seeking further information, visit the website of any prospective serious law firm to check that they specialise in serious brain injury compensation cases, and have successful track record in dealing with brain injury cases. Brain injury does not have to be a life sentence for the whole family.

Brain Injury Compensation

Brain Injury Attorney

People who experience brain injuries have to face a lasting impairment. Whether this results from an accident, fall, sports injury, acts of violence, or medical incompetence, the victim may be able to receive compensation for loss of income, medical costs, pain, suffering and other damages

Brain Injury Attorney

Brain Injury Attorney Singleton Law Firm LLC.  If you or someone you love has a brain injury due to the negligence call us today 770.889.6010

Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney

Although it is not physically seen, the effects of brain injuries are far reaching. If you were injured in a car accident – or other type of accident — and believe that you may have sustained a brain injury, it’s important to maintain medical records and document the effects of the injury on your daily life in a journal. As with all areas of personal injury, you may be able to collect monetary compensation for costs of therapy and medical visits, loss of income, reduced quality of life, and the pain you have suffered.

Brain Injury Cases

People who experience brain injuries have to face a lasting impairment. Whether this results from an accident, fall, sports injury, acts of violence, or medical incompetence, the victim may be able to receive compensation for loss of income, medical costs, pain, suffering and other damages.