DUI Accidents

DUI Accidents Attorney Alpharetta GA

 DUI Accidents

DUI “Driving Under the Influence” and DWI “Driving While Intoxicated” are some of the terms for driving behaviors that are associated with alcohol. DUI accidents are responsible for about 1/3 of the traffic deaths or injuries in the U.S. According to the research that was conducted by National Department of Transportation, the impaired drivers, frequently, are actually repeat offenders. Their habitual devastating and destructive behaviors imposes a burden of injury or death to themselves. In addition, the behaviors of such drivers impose the burden of injury or death to innocent people.

Indeed, DUI accidents attorneys always fight to ensure that the innocent people are fully compensated for the reckless and selfish act of DWI and DUI offenders. As the most preferred legal firm in this sector, Singleton Law Firm is standing by to help all our clients. Our expert lawyers take pride in their competence, knowledge, skills, and years of expertise. For sure, we have offered professional legal services for decades. Besides, we have served many clients. Because of that, we are the right legal firm for the job. We value all our company`s clients. We also treat them equally. Our priority always is to represent the interests of our clients, and that is why our clients can`t stop talking about our legal services.

The Law Regarding DUI Accidents

According to the existing laws, any person who drives under the influence of drugs or alcohol is considered as negligent. Unfortunately, this is surely of little significance, especially for those who encounter loss of their loved ones or serious injuries as a result of accidents that are related to alcohol. Admittedly, full compensation might not make up particularly for the emotional and physical costs experienced. As far as the existing laws are concerned, the drivers convicted of the behavior has a liability of paying for the damages. However, drivers may not be the only people considered liable or negligent.

Liability: Third Party

Providing alcohol can serve as a ground that can be viewed as negligence & liable for the damages. Most states have some laws that actually impose the liability on clubs, hotels, restaurant, or bars that supply liquor illegally.

Seeking Legal Assistance

In case there is any individual who has suffered some injuries or has even lost his or her family member(s) due to DWI or DUI accidents, please call Singleton Law Firm now. We are dedicated to assisting our clients. We provide totally free consultation services. Just fill the case review forms that are available on our company`s website, and be sure to get legal help you need.

DUI Accidents

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