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There are various challenges that motorcycle accident victims should be aware of, especially when looking for compensation. Indeed, they should know the cause of the accident, the process of determining fault & liability for an injury, dealing with insurers, filing compensation claims, and when to hire the services of an experienced motorcycle accidents personal injury lawyer.

Motorcycle Accidents – Causes

Here are common motorcycle accidents causes. They include:

1. Motorist Error

Often, motorists do not detect motorcycles that ride close to them. Nearly all motorists do not see motorcyclists, or if they do, it is too late for them to avoid accidents. Some of the motorist errors are:

• Fatigue

• Road rage

• Reflex delay

• Driver inexperience

• Distraction (texting, cell phones, and loud music among others)

2. Violation Of Traffic Laws By Motorists

Traffic violations are the main causes of motorcycle accidents. These include:

• Speeding

• Failure to heed traffic signals

• Illegal lane change, and many others

Motorcycle accidents: common injuries

Just like a passenger car injury, a motorcyclist injury can be categorized into two; soft injuries, and hard injuries.

1. Hard Injuries 

They include:

• Broken bones

• Spinal cord injury, brain trauma, internal bleeding, and other organ damages

• Second-& third-degree burns caused by motorcycle exhaust, engine, and manifold

2. Soft Tissue Injuries

They include:

• Whiplash

• Sprained/torn tendons, muscles, and ligaments

• Abrasions, contusions, & lacerations (bruises, scrapes, and cuts)

Damages & expenses involved in motorcycle accidents

Just like car accidents, motorcycle accidents may result in property & injury-related costs, and some of the costs might not be covered by insurers. So, before one accepts any settlement from an insurer or insurance firm, he or she should consult an expert personal injury attorney for assistance in obtaining the compensation benefits that he or she deserve. Some of the motorcycle accidents related expenses are:

• Pain & suffering

• Brain damages

• Lost wages

• Physical therapy & rehabilitation programs

• Medical care & surgery

• Permanent disability

Useful Evidence In A Motorcycle Accident

• Photographs

• Police reports

• Helmet

• Surveillance cameras

• Witness

• Return to the scene

• Debris

• Medical records

Expert Legal Representation

Call Singleton Law Firm today for experienced personal injury legal services. Alpharetta motorcycle accidents at our Georgia Law Firm understand that cycling accidents victims must endure several months/years of treatments in order to recover. We have teams of professional attorneys who will passionately protect our clients` rights, and assists them in ensuring that their cases are efficiently and quickly prosecuted. We are reliable professionals. We provides all our clients` with the best possible legal representation. Singleton Law Firm takes pride on been the premier company in the provision of the highest quality legal representation in our community.

Motorcycle Accidents


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