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Passenger Accident Attorneys

Passenger Accident Attorneys

Passenger Accident Attorneys:Passenger Injury Claims After An Auto Accident

A passenger who is injured in an auto accident often has an easier and strong case than a driver or any other personal injury plaintiff. This is because a passenger doesn’t need to worry about proving liability; one of the drivers will be liable. Alpharetta passenger accident attorneys at Singleton Law Firm are ready to help you file a successful personal injury claim or lawsuit.

As with personal injury claims, you must prove two critical things in an auto accident case: damages (how badly you were injured) and liability (the defendant’s fault).

If you were hurt in a two-car accident, one of the drivers will definitely be liable. It’s impossible to have a two-car accident without at least one driver being deemed negligent

The Driver may be the cause of the accident

The driver will usually be liable if the accident was a one-car accident (i.e., a driver hits a tree). Generally, a driver typically did (or failed to do) something that amounts to negligence if he or she hits something. However, there are exceptions.

An exception could be if the driver hits a deer that jumps out of the bushes suddenly and bounds across the road. No one expects a deer jumping into his/her way. It’s possible for the driver to be found not negligent in such a situation.

Filing a Passenger Injury Claim

A passenger injury claim, Alpharetta proceeds like any other type of auto accident claim, except that a passenger can make a claim against both drivers, if it was a two-car accident.

You should obtain the insurance information for every driver, and file claims with the insurance company of each driver. However, there are exceptions. For example, if one of the drivers wasn’t negligent, like if he/she was rear ended, a passenger in that vehicle wouldn’t typical file a personal injury claim against a driver of a lead car.

You can file a No Fault or Personal Injury Protection

If an accident occurred in a no fault state, the passenger can file a No Fault or Personal Injury Protection  (PIP)claim against that the driver with respect to his/her lost earnings and medical bills.

The case is ready to be settled once the passenger has completed his/her medical treatment. The passenger or an attorney will negotiate with the insurance companies of both drivers if it’s a case where both drivers could be at fault.

In most cases, you and your Alpharetta passenger accident attorneys at Singleton Law Firm can settle your personal injury claim painlessly. However, situations where it’s difficult to settle passenger injury cases effectively and efficiently.

Contact Our Passenger Accident Lawyers

Our experienced and reputable passenger accident attorneys at Singleton Law Firm are very ready and more than happy to help you seek justice. Don’t struggle alone with huge medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Passenger Accident Attorneys

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Passenger Accident Attorneys

Passenger Accident Attorneys

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