Slip and Fall Personal Injury Law 

Every Year Thousands of Claims Are Made in Regards to Slip and Fall Injuries.

The victims suffer life threatening injuries that can result in death. These injuries are brought about by wet floors, construction site defects and poorly lit stairwells. It is advisable to contact an attorney in the event of a slip and fall accident so as to determine if you are entitled to any damages and that the property owner is responsible for negligence.

Our Attorneys Specialize in Slip and Fall Personal Injury Law

We normally take many factors into consideration such as previous complaints filed on the existing hazards and negligence of the property or business owner.

It is the obligation of a property or business owner to keep his property in perfect condition. Several types of slip and fall accidents include falling from a terrace or balcony, bathtub falls, slippery surfaces falls, stairway accidents and parking ramp falls. Once you hire us we will determine whether it can be proven that the accident was as a result of the owner’s negligence.

In the quest of filing for compensation, there are a couple of questions we will need to seek solutions for to determine if it was the property owner’s fault.

  • Has any slip and fall accident ever happened on the same property?
  • Is the premises scheduled for regular maintenance, cleaning and repairing?
  • If your fall was caused by an object someone had left on the ground, was there a good explanation as to why the objet was left there in the first place? If a reason exists, why wasn’t the object covered or placed in a safe location?
  • Was there a warning advising people of any potential danger?

If we find one or more of these questions favoring you, then you may be eligible for claiming compensation.

We always recommend gathering evidence as soon as the accident occurs. Take photographs of the scene and the negligent conditions that could have led to your accident. By all means take photos of your injuries. In case of any witnesses make sure to collect their contact information.

We also encourage one to file an accident report immediately. For instance if the accident has occurred in a grocery store, I would advise you to ask for the manager and make him document your version of the accident.

For a property owner to be held legally responsible for your accident, we will have to prove the following:

  • The property owner or an employee must have caused the hazard.
  • The owner or employee must have been aware of the dangerous condition and didn’t report it accurately
  • The owner of the property should have known the presence of the dangerous condition. It is his duty to know the condition of his property anyway.

If all these factors favor you then we will work towards getting you a befitting settlement.

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Slip and Fall Personal Injury Law

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