Qualities To Look For In An Automobile Accident Lawyer

Expertise is one of the most crucial attributes to look for in your prospective auto accident lawyer. You must find out whether he or she specializes in truck, car and motorcycle accident law. Call Singleton Law Firm, LLC today at 770-889-6010 If you want a reliable and experienced lawyer to represent you in your automobile accident case.

Car Accident Injuries

Has motorist’s carelessness left you with injuries and medical expenses? Contacting a knowledgeable lawyer is an important step to regaining control of your life and moving forward. Contact Singleton Law firm today for your free consultation.

Alpharetta Auto Accident Lawyer

Alpharetta Auto Accident Lawyer In GA

When involved in a car accident, the urgent thing to do is hire an Alpharetta auto accident lawyer, for various reasons. You obviously want to get out of that mess as quick as you can, while still ensuring that the case is solved in a fair manner. Some individuals, however, think that hiring an attorney isn’t necessary, and they end up regretting it later when the case turns against them. When involved in an accident at Alpharetta, the best thing you could do is contact an Alpharetta auto accident lawyer, to help you with your case. What are some of the benefits you gain from hiring such a lawyer? Read on to discover:

1. Handle The Insurance Claims For You

One thing you need to know about insurance companies is that they are there to make money, and nothing will stop them from doing so. They will even go to extents of denying a valid claim, just to reduce the amount of cash they will pay you. If you don’t have an experience negotiating with such companies, you might end up losing as far as your claim is concerned, which is why you need to hire an accident lawyer to handle that for you. They will use their experience and negotiate with the insurance company in the best way, to ensure that you get paid.

2. Preserve Evidence

It’s essential that you keep proof of the accident safe, by acting as quickly as you can, which is why it’s necessary to hire an Alpharetta auto accident lawyer, so they can inspect the vehicles, take evidence, and store it safely for the case. You can’t waste time and risk getting the evidence tampered with.

3. Obtain Important Documents

Lawyers and their staff have enough experience needed in acquiring documents that include police reports, medical reports, and several other documents that will be required as the case proceeds. After obtaining such materials, they will then begin investigating your case right away.

4. Higher Chance Of Winning The Case

The main reason for hiring an auto accident attorney is that you raise the chances you have of winning the case. You need to make use of professional help, to have a better chance of getting the case proceed in your favor. If involved in an accident at Alpharetta area, don’t hesitate to call us at  770-889-6010Singleton Law Firm, LLC236 North Main St., Suite 200 Alpharetta, Georgia 30009.

Alpharetta Auto Accident Lawyer

Automobile Accident Lawyer

Qualities To Look For In An Automobile Accident Lawyer

Auto accidents happen when we least expected. They occur every day in Georgia. Car accidents can happen to anyone. You can’t avoid them entirely even if you are the safest and the most careful driver in the world. At Singleton Law Firm, LLC, we strongly advise that you speak to an automobile accident lawyer in Alpharetta, Georgia if you’re involved in a car accident.

You should consult an auto accident attorney before reaching any settlement with the insurance company.  Having an Alpharetta lawyer by your side is imperative because he or she will help you seek the compensation that you deserve for the injuries you suffered from a car, motorcycle, or truck accident.

You should know the essential qualities of a good automobile accident lawyer if you want to hire the best one to handle your automobile accident lawsuit or claim in Alpharetta, Georgia. That is the most reliable way of ensuring that you’re hiring the best Alpharetta lawyer.

Let’s now look at 4 key qualities to look for in an automobile accident lawyer for your case:

  1. Expertise

It is one of the most crucial attributes to look for in your prospective auto accident lawyer. You must find out whether he or she specializes in truck, car and motorcycle accident law.

As an injured accident victim, you should work with an attorney who will help you to maximize the recovery from the insurance company. You’ll be doing a big favor for yourself if you choose an automobile accident lawyer who specializes exclusively in auto accident lawsuits/claims.

  1. Competency and Success Rate

The competency and the success rate of an auto accident attorney is another crucial quality to look for. Hiring a competent automobile accident lawyer, Alpharetta, GA significantly increases your chances of winning your case and getting the compensation you deserve.

But how do you determine the competency of an attorney? Well, all you need to do is to find out how the attorney has handled previous auto accident cases. What’s the lawyer’s winning rate? An attorney who has been winning automobile accident cases in the past has very high chances of winning your case as well. It will not make sense to hire a lawyer with years of experience and low success rate.

You should also check the credentials of your automobile accident lawyer, Alpharetta, GA. Find out whether the lawyer has a license, certifications, and accreditation’s from the relevant authorities and well-recognized institutions.

  1. Experience

We highly recommend that you look for an auto accident lawyer with at least five years of experience. Find someone who has successfully represented auto accident victims against insurance companies for more than five years. Also, consult a seasoned lawyer with several years of experience going up against the insurance companies.

Automobile accident lawyers at Singleton Law Firm, LLC are all highly experienced and qualified to handle auto accident cases.


If you want a reliable and experienced lawyer to represent you in your automobile accident case, call Singleton Law Firm, LLC today at 770-889-6010 or fill in our online form and one our automobile accident lawyers will back to you as soon as possible.

automobile accident lawyer

Car Accident Lawyer GA

Hiring A Car Accident Lawyer GA

If you’ve been involved in a car accident and have suffered injuries, you may have to file a personal injury lawsuit on your behalf or hire a car accident lawyer GA. You should hire a lawyer after an accident to avoid costly mistakes, which can ruin your claim. States have different timelines for filing a personal injury claim, but since your lost wages and medical expenses might add up, the sooner you reach out to a car accident lawyer GA the better.

What Should You Ask When You Meet With The Lawyer? 

When you meet with a car accident lawyer, you should’ve as many facts and detailed information about the accident and any financial losses or injuries as possible. Also, it’s vital that you feel very comfortable with him/her. If you feel that you can’t have a positive relationship with the lawyer, find another one. Several lawyers are happy and willing to assist you. So, ensure to find the best one. If you feel comfortable with the attorney, then here are some essential questions you should ask:

• How long have you been practicing?

• How much experience do you’ve in car accident lawsuits?

• How will you handle my lawsuit?

• How much participation do you expect on your part?

• How will you update me on what’s going on with the case and are you accessible? Ensure that you will be able to contact the lawyer if you want.

• Will you provide me with a fee arrangement that shows all fees, billing, payments, and expenses?

How Do I Decide On A Car Accident Lawyer?

 After meeting with the lawyer and discussing your claim, you’ll be better prepared to decide on whether to hire him or not. Ask yourself the following questions after the meeting:

• Am I comfortable working with them on my claim?

• Do I believe they’ve enough experience and skills to handle my lawsuit?

• Do I understand the proposed fee arrangement for handling my claim?

• Did they explain all the crucial issues surrounding my lawsuit in a way that I understood or did he used legal terms, which I did not understand?

 How Do I Find a Car Accident Lawyer GA? 

If you or your loved one have been injured in a car accident, you need to speak to an experienced car accident attorney immediately to learn more about the preservation of your rights and remedies. It may be in your best interests to hire one in Georgia if you need someone to help you to file a lawsuit. Your lawyer can represent you in court and during the negotiations.

Car Accident Lawyer GA

Auto Accident Attorney Alpharetta

The Importance Of An Auto Accident Attorney Alpharetta

One should be aware that anytime that they step behind behind the wheel, an auto accident is always a possibility. According to the Insurance Information Institute, in 2015, 96 people died each day in motor vehicle crashes and 6700 people were injured. This statistic is shocking and shows there is are many people nationwide that are involved in auto accidents. Because of this high crash risk, as well as the emotional or physical trauma that comes along with being in a car crash, it goes without saying that an auto accident attorney Alpharetta can help in guiding you through the recovery process.

What An Auto Accident Attorney Alpharetta Can Do For You

An auto accident attorney is one who understands the law regarding motor vehicle accidents very well. These individuals will help you to understand exactly what to do and how to respond after an auto accident. For example, a seasoned auto accident attorney should be able to get you compensation to pay for car repairs, or even one’s hospital fees. Receiving compensation is all the more important and sometimes even necessary if a child or loved one is involved within the auto accident. Compensation from the other driver is not the only thing an auto accident attorney can do; as a good attorney will also have the ability to fight an insurance claim denial, negotiate an insurance dispute, file a claim for bodily injury and determine how much your car insurance is worth. Having an auto accident attorney after a crash is worth more than it seems on the surface, as the number of advantages they can bring outweigh the negatives.

What to Look for in Auto Accident Attorney Alpharetta

You always want to ensure that your auto accident attorney is good at what he/she is doing because of the nature of, and stakes involved in an auto accident. A good auto accident attorney is one who is not only knowledgeable regarding various national/state transportation laws but also very aware of insurance focused regulations. It is also important to do some background research on the prospective attorney and find out how many cases they’ve won and how many they’ve lost. If the lawyer does not have a good track record of wins, you should consider moving the search to another one.

Auto Accident Attorney Alpharetta

 The Importance of an Auto Accident Attorney Alpharetta


Car Accident Attorney Alpharetta GA

Georgia Car Accident Attorney

Motor vehicle accidents are a matter of growing concern. The work of our lawyers is to ensure that an individual receives full benefits from an insurance companies. Besides, our car accident attorney here at Singleton Law Firm help to determine whether an individual can file a claim for additional damages.

In case an individual suffers a serious injury, our law firm helps a person  file a lawsuit so as to claim payment beyond what is provided by protection claims.

For eligibility of personal injury lawsuits, the victim of the accident must have had significant injuries or died. Some of the injuries include brain damage, paralysis, broken bones, disfigurement and significant head injury.

Once an individual has exhausted his or her (PIP) personal injury protection benefits, he or she may decide to take a lawful action against the car driver at fault for the accident. Our able lawyers will help such person to prepare his or her claim by:

• Collecting accident scene and police reports

• Taking photographs of the injuries, damage and scene

• Questioning eyewitnesses

• Reconstructing the scene of the accident

• Analyzing the reports from medical officers

• Speaking to the providers of the insurance cover on behalf of the person

The success and strength of an individual’s claims entirely depend on the ability of his or her lawyer to analyze, collect and present the collected evidence. Our law firm has a team of dedicated lawyers who are committed to winning the cases of all our clients.

Despite the fact that the process is not an easy task, providing our attorneys with all the most relevant information will help strengthen individuals claim.

Types Of Car Accident Claims

Most of the motor-vehicle accident claims includes

• Negligence

• Manufacturer’s Liability,

• Road Design

• Wrongful Deaths.

Admittedly, the attorneys in our firm have enough experience and are knowledgeable in car accident claims. As a matter of fact, our car accident attorney can fight for the maximum payments that an individual deserves. Besides, we here at Singleton  Law Firm provide legal counsel that can guide an individual and his or her loved ones through this very difficult time.

Car Accident Attorney

Negligent Security Law Alpharetta

The Leading Negligent Security Law Firm

Our law firm is committed to assisting the people who are injured as a result of negligence, reckless acts of omissions, or even voluntary actions of other people or businesses. Our lawyers have obtained favorable verdicts & settlements in various cases that range from premises liability, trucking accidents, and medical malpractices.

Our negligent security law firm is one of the most respected and leading personal injury legal services provider in the area. We have established a strong reputation by offering our clients high-quality legal services and quality outcomes. All our lawyers are dedicated to vigorously, appropriately, and effectively represent the interests of our clients. What actually makes our law firm unique and the best is our combination of personal service, proven results, knowledge, and expertise in the legal industry. We have obtained many six, seven, and even eight figure settlements and awards on behalf of our highly valued clients. But, though we are focused on quality results, we don`t forget the fact that personal service is important.

As a unique law firm, we help the people who have suffered catastrophic injuries and the family members who have lost their loved ones in fatal accidents. We understand that personal service is paramount. Our main is to deal with all legal cases as comprehensively and efficiently as possible so that our clients can get enough time to concentrate on their recovery.

Experienced General Negligence Attorneys

Irrespective of how they happen, personal injuries might have devastating effects on the lives of people. Our company has spent many years assisting many people to get compensation for severe and catastrophic injuries, such as head injuries, brain injuries, broken bones, back injuries, quadriplegia, paraplegia, and burns that result from electrocution, chemicals, and fire. Our legal firm is ready to handle an extensive variety of personal injury cases including:

• Defective products

• School bus accidents

• Construction accidents

• Medical malpractice & negligence

• Wrongful death

• Swimming pool accidents

• Negligent security

• Pedestrian accidents

• And many others

Our legal team fully understand that catastrophic and severe injuries have significant financial, emotional, and physical effects on families. Therefore, we struggle to ensure that all our clients get the compensation that is necessary to move on with their lives. Because of that, we always prepare all our negligence cases as if they were going to trial, and have had significant levels of success getting jury verdicts for our esteemed clients.

Examples of the places where crimes can occur, and negligent security issues can arise:

• Hotels

• Parking lots & garages

• Restaurants or bars

• Gated communities

• Schools

• Government buildings

• Parks

• Apartment complexes

• Stadiums

• Malls & shopping centers

• Nursing homes & assisted living residences

• College campuses & dorm rooms

Contact us today

Indeed, negligent security law claims can be based on many things right from poorly trained security officers to broken security systems or locks to poor lighting. We are the right negligent security law firm. Call us today.

Negligent Security Law



Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Motorcycle accidents can result in both property and injury-related expenses, many of which are not covered by insurance carriers. Before accepting any type of settlement from an insurance company, consult with a team of experienced motorcycle accident lawyers

Car Accident Lawyer

If you or a loved one has been hurt in a car accident, consult with an experienced Alpharetta Auto Accident Lawyer.