Can I Afford The Attorney?

Ensure you can afford the attorney that you select. The attorney’s expertise and experience will determine his or her fees. It will increase depending on these two qualities. Contact Singleton Law Firm today to schedule a free case review or call us today at (770) 889 6010 that you will choose the best attorney for your case.

Do I Trust The Attorney?

Evaluate whether the attorney you select is trustworthy as your trust is crucial; if not, then go for someone else. Talk with our experienced bus accident attorney Alpharetta today at (770) 889 6010.

Alpharetta Bus Accident Attorney

Alpharetta Bus Accident Attorney

Things to Consider When Hiring An Alpharetta Bus Accident Attorney

Being involved in a bus accident can be a traumatizing experience. Considering a large number of passengers on the bus, and the other people on the road, you can understand why the result of a bus accident will always be devastating. Whether you’re a passenger on the bus, a pedestrian, or a passenger or driver of the other vehicles, there’s a high chance you will suffer some injuries if you are involved in a bus accident. Sometimes, you may suffer life-threatening injuries or even worse due to such accidents. That is why you will need to hire an experienced and reputable Alpharetta bus accident attorney at Singleton Law Firm to fight for your rights and seek justice.

If you or your loved one is involved in a bus accident, then you need to know that you can seek compensation for the losses incurred and injuries suffered because of the crash. In Alpharetta, you can file a claim or a lawsuit to recover damages incurred due to a bus accident. For this purpose, you will need to hire a good Alpharetta bus accident attorney to fight for the compensation you deserve.

Consider some facts before hiring a bus accident lawyer Alpharetta

You have to consider some facts before hiring a bus accident lawyer Alpharetta to ensure that you’re choosing the right professional to handle your claim/case. Otherwise, your right to get the compensation that you deserve may be denied. There is a chance, and you don’t want to take the risk. What should I look for when selecting an Alpharetta bus accident attorney? You should consider the following essential things when making a decision:

1. Does the attorney have good experience in handling bus accident cases? 

To become a lawyer, one must go through a law school. However, the area they practice or specialize in after becoming a lawyer will vary. Therefore, ensure that the bus accident attorney has vast expertise and experience in that area when selecting one. There are periodic changes in the laws and procedures in this area. It means an attorney who appears in such cases regularly will be more up-to-date and familiar with the changes.

2. Ask questions about your case

If you have any doubts regarding the case, ensure the attorney provides clear sufficient answers. A lawyer with good experience handling similar cases will have an easy time answering most of your questions.

3. Does the attorney deliver results?

Enquire about the previous cases, which the attorney appeared. While there’s no guarantee that you’ll win the case even if you choose an attorney who won all previous cases, at least it gives hope and trust that he can deliver excellent results.

4.   Can I afford the attorney?

Ensure you can afford the attorney that you select. The attorney’s expertise and experience will determine his or her fees. It will increase depending on these two qualities. Consider your budget and find the right lawyer for you.

5.   Do I trust the attorney?

You’ll be depending on this attorney to fight on your behalf in the court so that you can secure the compensation that you deserve. Therefore, your trust is crucial. Evaluate whether the attorney you select is trustworthy; if not, then go for someone else.

To get fair compensation, it is essential to hire the right Alpharetta bus accident attorney. Remember that choosing a lawyer is one of the most important decisions you’ll make regarding your claim/case.

Alpharetta Bus Accident Attorney

Consider the tips mentioned above to make an informed choice. This way, you can be sure that you will choose the best attorney for your case.

Contact Singleton Law Firm today to schedule a free case review. Call us today at (770) 889 6010 or use the contact form for a free consultation with our experienced bus accident attorney Alpharetta.

Alpharetta Bus Accident Attorney
Hands of driver in a modern bus by driving.Concept – close-up of bus driver steering wheel and driving passenger bus

Alpharetta Bus Accident Attorney

Need a Daycare Negligence Lawyer?

No one is more susceptible compared to our kids. For this reason it is important that day care professionals act carefully at all times and keep small children safe and sound. The absence of supervision is considered the single greatest explanation for child care personal injuries. Frequently the supervision on its own is without a doubt a result of inappropriate staffing. If there’s not an adequate amount of adults watching a group of children, than its a lot more probable that 1 of the kids could possibly get into trouble and inadvertently harm themselves. You can reach The Singleton Law Firm at 1-770-886-6010 or submit a free online case evaluation. The initial consultation is FREE of charge.

When to Hire an Attorney

It’s good to hire an auto wreck attorney early to avoid costly mistakes. The deadline for filing a personal injury claim varies from one state to another. Since you may have to cover lost wages and/or pay for medical bills, the sooner you hire a lawyer, the better. You should contact an auto wreck attorney soon after the accident occurs, within a week or two, but before reaching any settlement with an insurance company. For more information contact Singleton LLC. Call us at (770) 889 6010

Best Back Injury Attorney

Hiring a back injury can be the difference between getting the compensation you deserve, or having your claim short-paid or denied. Reach out to one of our personal injury attorneys before taking legal action in your back injury lawsuit.

Best Dog Bite Attorney

Nearly all dog bite lawsuits involve children, and since they are small in size, their injuries are always more serious compared to those happening in adult dog bite cases. Singleton Personal Injury Attorneys have been handling an extensive range of dog bite legal representations that involve children. All our lawyers are competent, and their aggressive and tough approach will be on the side of our clients as they attempt to ensure that all our clients get proper compensation benefits that they deserve as far as their injuries are concerned.

Get Compensation After An Auto Accident

Have you been involved in a car accident? Trying to get compensation after an auto accident can be a daunting task. Dealing with the insurance companies that work for the other driver and want to force you to settle for a small amount is common. We can help you get the compensation that you deserve. Call Singleton Law firm before you sign anything. Always a free consultation to provide you a clear understanding of your rights.

Alpharetta Brain Injury Attorney

Alpharetta Brain Injury Attorney 

Hiring the Right Alpharetta Brain Injury Attorney.

Are you looking for an Alpharetta brain injury attorney? Survivors of traumatic brain injuries, Alpharetta, GA learning to cope with permanent damage, such as the loss of various mental and physical abilities, often face lifelong challenges.

Filing A Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Claim

In most cases, a traumatic brain injury (TBI) will affect the family and the loved ones of the survivor. They may struggle to afford the medical treatment and daily care that’s necessary after traumatic brain injuries, Alpharetta. The financial costs of living with a traumatic brain injury can add up quickly and deplete the life savings of a family in a short period.

If you or your loved one has suffered a traumatic brain injury, Alpharetta due to another’s wrongdoing or recklessness, it’s within your rights to seek compensation from the at-fault party. The Alpharetta brain injury attorney at Singleton Law Firm, LLC are committed to assisting families to overcome the injustice of such a devastating injury. They’ll ensure that the responsible party is held accountable. Contact us today to discuss whether legal action is the correct choice for your circumstances.

What Accidents Cause Traumatic Brain Injuries?

Common causes of traumatic brain injuries include slip and falls, auto accidents, motorcycle collisions, construction accidents, bike crashes, and violent crime. Although it may be impossible to prevent all instances of traumatic brain injuries, when another person, organization, or company caused a collision as the result of wrongdoing or recklessness, the surviving family members or victims can seek financial compensation through the civil justice system.

How Can A Traumatic Brain Injury Affect My Life?

Not all of the consequences of a traumatic brain injury may be apparent immediately after an accident. Therefore, a long-term understanding of the impacts of such an injury is vital. Depending on the area of the brain that has been damaged and the seriousness of the injury, the results can vary significantly. In general, however, certain issues are common after a traumatic brain injury including:

  • Inability to return to work
  • Difficulty communicating
  • Immediate medical costs for treatment of injury
  • Difficulty performing previously routine tasks
  • Ongoing medical costs for care or rehabilitation
  • The additional need for care or assistance from family
  • Additional costs for medical supplies or equipment

Alpharetta Brain Injury Attorney 

It can be difficult to manage the financial consequences of a traumatic brain injury. The combination of additional expenses for treatment, medical bills, and equipment and the loss of employment can be crippling.

Even when someone gets disability payments, that’s often not enough to compensate him or her fully for the new costs of living. That’s why a civil lawsuit against the party that negligently caused the traumatic brain injury is not only reasonable but also financially necessary.

Proving negligence or wrongdoing on your own is difficult, which is why having an experienced Alpharetta brain injury attorney is so important. At Singleton Law Firm, LLC, we have a great deal of experience with traumatic brain injury cases and helping the injured parties get the compensation they deserve. Call us today at (770) 889 6010.

Alpharetta Brain Injury Attorney 

Alpharetta Brain Injury Attorney 


There are various types of behaviors that can be considered as daycare abuse or negligence, including:

Failure to attend to the dietary needs of a child, Failure to supervise a child properly, Failure to provide children with safe premises, Accidents That Can Occur At Daycare Facilities, Accidents that involve other children and much more. Personal injury lawyers at Singleton will help in collecting the evidence needed to receive compensation.