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Let Us Help You with Semi Truck accident Claim

Heavy vehicles such as semi trucks pose a great threat to road users and their weight creates greater impact if they crash. Are you or your loved one a victim of semi truck accident? Contact Singleton Law Firm. We can help you obtain the compensation that you deserve. Call us at 770-889-6010

Your Alpharetta Auto Accident Attorney

Are you in need of a car accident attorney here in Alpharetta? Devote time to choose the right car accident lawyer with an extensive knowledge and experience in that field. Lawyers at Singleton Law office are experienced and reliable in obtaining full compensation for car accident victim. Give us a call today at 770-889-6010 for your free consultation.

Experienced Car Accident Lawyer

An experienced  car accident lawyer can assist you in recovering losses that resulted from a car accident. A car accident lawyer also helps in reducing the hefty amount of paperwork, red tape, and hustle that is often associated insurance claims. At Singleton Law Firm we have years of experience, knowledge, and expertise when it comes to car accidents. We can help you. Give us a call today.

Lawsuit Process For A Bus Accident

Bus accidents are complicated for many people to handle on their own. Several witnesses mean many accounts that may be contradictory. If you have been involved in a bus accident, it is best to contact an experienced bus accident attorney. You have a right to hire a bus accidents attorney to represent you. We can help you. Call Singleton Law Firm LLC right away at (470) 349-8702, and we will work with you to file your claim and get proper medical care and compensation.

We Protect The Rights Of People Injured By Drunk Drivers

After heartbreaking stories, decades of awareness campaigns, and punishment for offenders, DUI  remains a perennial problem. Hundreds of innocent people are seriously injured or killed every year by drivers who recklessly get behind the wheel under the immense influence of drugs or alcohol. If you or someone in your family was injured due to the selfishness and negligence of a drunk driver, you should reach out to an experienced DUI Accident Attorney. Contact Singleton Law Firm at (770) 889 6010 for a FREE case evaluation.

Personal Injury Settlements

Personal Injury Settlements

Finalizing and Accepting Personal Injury Settlements – Alpharetta.

Personal injury settlements refers to agreement reached between two parties in a civil lawsuit.  In a settlement, one party offers an amount of money to try to keep the case from going to trial in the hopes that the other party agrees.  Parties often agree on personal injury settlements, Alpharetta before a case goes to trial.  Once you and the adjuster agree on a personal injury settlement, the last step is to confirm it.

Write a short letter to an adjuster detailing an amount agreed upon for your claim, the damages it covers, and the time it’ll take for an insurance company to send you all the necessary documents.  You should have a written record to prevent an adjuster from going back on his or her word. If an initial settlement offer isn’t sufficient, you may hold a settlement conference to push for more cash or pursue a trial hoping that the court will award more money in damages than a settlement offer.

Receiving Your Offer by Mail

Many personal injury settlements, Alpharetta involve the payment by the insurance company to a plaintiff in exchange for a plaintiff signing the release for a claim.  This legal document releases a person who caused your injuries and his or her insurance company from further claims related to your injuries.

An insurance company sends the check for an agreed upon settlement.  A settlement check will be endorsed and deposited into a bank account of a plaintiff.  It often takes five working days for a check to clear a bank.  No disbursements will be made from a settlement check until it clears a bank since co-mingling violations would occur.

What to do When There is No Offer

Insurance claims are often resolved through an agreement.  If an injured party and the company or individual that negligently caused the injury cannot reach an agreement. Then a claim is resolved through the judicial proceeding.  If mediation or arbitration is unsuccessful, you and your Alpharetta personal injury attorney may continue to trial.

An insurance company is in a business of settling claims.  They know if you retain an Alpharetta personal injury attorney, you will pay one-third of your settlement award as attorney’s fees.  They’ll only offer you two-thirds or less of what your claim is worth if you do not have a reliable and experienced personal injury attorney, Alpharetta.

Liens on Your Settlement

Health care providers who treated the plaintiff can file liens. The existence of such liens is a complicating factor in a trial or settlement of a personal injury case. An entity that paid all or part of the plaintiff’s bills that may include the following. Auto insurance companies, health insurance companies, the city, state, or county may also file liens. Furthermore, a plaintiff may receive worker’s compensation benefits due to the accident. As a result, the insurance carrier will be entitled to reimbursement as well.  Liens are created either by prior agreement or by statutes.

Rulings have been made on different cases, and laws have been passed that have strengthened the rights of lien holders to obtain recovery from the personal injury settlements of a plaintiff.  Quite often, there’s very little money left over for a plaintiff after the lien holders have collected their money.

Tax on Your Settlement

As a general rule, compensation for personal physical injuries where payments are for lost profits or lost wages isn’t taxed.  Emotional distress isn’t considered a physical injury; therefore damages for emotional distress are included as taxable income.

Non-punitive damages and other amounts that you receive for your personal injuries are excluded from the taxable income.  However, punitive damages (damages representing punishment to the defendants engaging in conduct that causes injuries to another party) are taxable, even if they relate to the physical injury.

Personal Injury Settlements

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Personal injury settlements

Personal Injury Settlements

Alpharetta Accident Attorneys

Here at Singleton Law firm, our legal team fully understand that quick investigation of the crash scene is important. We also know that the trucking firm will dispatch their teams of investigators immediately. Therefore, as a victim, one requires experienced investigators who have enough skills and competency in documenting favorable evidence. We have a team of qualified investigators who regularly accident scenes, and document any physical evidence. Our investigators are also responsible for searching eyewitnesses, yaw marks, skid marks, gouge marks, accident debris, and gas, oil, & radiator fluid stains which can disappear fast after an accident. For more information contact Singleton Law Office LLC.

Car Accident Attorney, Alpharetta

The attorneys at Singleton Law Office have enough experience and are knowledgeable in car accident claims. As a matter of fact, our car accident attorney can fight for the maximum payments that an individual deserves. We provide legal counsel that can guide you and your loved ones through this very difficult time. Give us a call today at (770) 889 6010.

Atlanta MARTA Bus Accident Attorney

Atlanta MARTA Bus Accident Attorney

Atlanta MARTA Bus Accident Attorney.

In Atlanta, it’s estimated that more than 400,000 riders hop on a MARTA train or bus. Millions of passengers ride the commercial bus line across the state. Bus riders have a right to assume that their bus driver is held to the higher standard than a regular driver on the road. Thankfully, we arrive at our destinations safely. However, accidents occur every day—the federal government’s reports show that over 10,000 passengers were injured in 2012.

Bus accident cases can be complicated and confusing affairs with many plaintiffs. That is why it is essential to seek help from an experienced and dedicated Atlanta MARTA Bus Accident Attorney at Singleton Law Firm LLC.

We are one of the most established and reputable personal injury law firms. One of our recent successes is winning more than $18.7 million in compensation for a client who suffered severe brain trauma after falling while exiting a MARTA bus. Read more here


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What Should I Do If A Loved One Or I Was Involved In An Atlanta MARTA Bus Accident?

First, ensure your bus driver knows you have been injured. The driver must report your accident to the police. Both the police and driver should make a comprehensive report. Gather as much information as you can about the bus accident.

Get the names and telephone numbers of other passengers aboard. Ensure the police put your name on their report when they come to the scene of your accident. Bus accident cases usually involve many parties. It’ll be difficult to document your case if your name isn’t on any report.

If you have already been in a MARTA bus accident and were not able to do any of these, call our Atlanta MARTA bus accidents attorney at Singleton Law Firm LLC, and we will help you determine and sort out your options.

How Is The Lawsuit Process For A Bus Accident?

Bus accidents are complicated for many people to handle on their own. Several witnesses mean many accounts that may be contradictory. There are many municipalities, private companies or insurance companies, all serving their best interest, not yours.

It is best to contact an Atlanta MARTA bus accidents attorney before you talk to your, or any, insurance company if you have been involved in a bus accident. Our attorney will work with you to make a statement with the insurance company.

We will ensure that you do not unknowingly implicate yourself for any responsibility for the accident or sign over confidential information on your medical history.

You have a certain period to file your claim, but you may forfeit your opportunity if you wait too long. You’re obligated to report your claims to the insurance carriers, but in bus accident cases, there are many carriers, intending to close the case as cheaply and quickly as possible.

You have a right to hire an Atlanta MARTA bus accidents attorney to represent you while you are making a statement with the insurance company. Remember that they’ve attorneys working on their behalf.

Call Singleton Law Firm LLC right away at (470) 349-8702, and we will work with you to file your claim, get proper medical care, and get you back on the journey to recovery. Most claims are settled before anyone goes to court.

How Do I Conduct A Thorough Investigation?

We form a great partnership with you from the moment you become our client. The more information you gather before contacting us, the faster we will get started. Our Atlanta MARTA Bus Accident Attorney will gather reports filed after your accident—at least two reports.

We will call all witnesses. Do not worry if you did not get much information after the accident. It isn’t unusual to try to reduce what happened to you after the traumatic event. We can still get started.

How Do You Determine Damages?

Damages in civil cases presume that you have a right to recover compensation for your bodily injury, medical expenses, and income you lost due to the injury. Furthermore, you have a right to recover for the pain and suffering you incurred due to the accident. The severity of your injury determines your potential compensation.

You may also sue for punitive damages if the bus driver is found to be criminally at fault. Those damages are awarded to punish a wrongdoer.

Moreover, drivers for MARTA buses must follow strict regulations such as how much sleep they have had in the recent day or two and how many hours they can drive. There’s an opportunity to make a financial recovery if they disobey the law or regulations.

What Are The Common Causes Of Bus Accidents?

Bus accidents occur for the similar reasons that auto accidents do— distracted driving, dangerous road conditions, faulty equipment, drunk driving, and negligence of other drivers. The major difference is that a bus driver is held to a higher standard.

Who’re The Responsible Parties At Fault?

There are several responsible parties for a bus accident. Besides the driver, a commercial line or city entity can be held accountable as well. A commercial line or city entity is responsible for hiring qualified and responsible drivers. Was there training or negligent hiring? There may be another driver at fault if there is another vehicle involved.

That is why it is imperative to contact an Atlanta MARTA Bus Accident Attorney who’ll work tirelessly to determine the responsible parties.

What If My Child Was Involved In A School Bus Accident?

A school bus accident is treated like any other bus accident. Your child must report his or her injury to their bus driver or a chaperone. Ask your child to describe any injury to you. There’s a case if your child is injured and the driver is negligent or at fault.

There are potential issues of sovereign immunity if your child is on a school bus. That means you cannot sue a government entity unless it agrees to be sued. However, most communities purchase insurance for these cases. We will go after the responsible party, and we will always look for an insurance policy that applies.

Atlanta MARTA Bus Accident Attorney

We can help you ! You need medical care if you have been hurt in a MARTA bus accident. Furthermore, you will need transportation if you cannot drive. Singleton Law Firm LLC is one of Atlanta’s most established and trusted personal injury firms. With more than 50 employees, we ensure you get the exceptional legal help and care around.

We’ve a community of professionals who’re willing to care for you. They will wait for reimbursement. The costs are taken out of your settlement. Get a free consultation at (470) 349-8702 or use our online contact form.


Atlanta MARTA Bus Accident Attorney

Atlanta MARTA Bus Accident Attorney