There are various types of behaviors that can be considered as daycare abuse or negligence, including:

Failure to attend to the dietary needs of a child, Failure to supervise a child properly, Failure to provide children with safe premises, Accidents That Can Occur At Daycare Facilities, Accidents that involve other children and much more. Personal injury lawyers at Singleton will help in collecting the evidence needed to receive compensation.

Alpharetta Daycare Negligence Attorney

Hiring an Alpharetta Daycare Negligence Attorney

As a parent, you expect that daycares in Alpharetta will have the best interests of your child in mind, reducing the risks that the child may be exposed to and treating the situation as if your child was the daycare worker’s own. Entrusting your child under the supervision of a daycare comes with huge expectations that your kid will be very safe while in their care. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Daycare workers act negligently and make mistakes. Sometimes it results in a daycare injury. Therefore, daycare injuries happen. An Alpharetta daycare negligence Attorney at Singleton Law Firm, LLC can help you investigate and litigate a daycare negligence case. You must hold the daycare responsible for negligence.

Proving That The Daycare Is At Fault

The first critical step to taking legal action against daycare provider of your child is showing that the provider is responsible for the injuries that your child sustained.

You and your Alpharetta daycare negligence attorney must prove the following:

  • Causation: your child sustained injuries due to the daycare accident. This breach led to daycare injury. No outlying actor was to blame.
  • Duty: the daycare provider violated the understood or legal obligation, which they had to you and your child.
  • Proof: you must provide evidence of how the daycare injury happened and the supportive evidence to show that daycare provider was at fault for the injuries your child sustained from the accident.
  • Foreseeable: the daycare provider could’ve foreseen the injury. It wasn’t an anomaly.

Building Case Against the Daycare

It’s imperative that you start to gather evidence as soon as the incident occurs. Keep an organized folder of all medical records involved with your child’s daycare injury. Request security footage if it’s available. Collect copies of any paperwork, which you had previously filled out with the daycare provider.

Keep digital copies of all photographs that you take. Photographs can be the most important type of evidence in daycare negligence cases. Ensure you label and date every photo, preferably digitally.

The following are vital photographs you’ll want to collect:

  • Photographs of the visible injuries to your child
  • Photographs of the accident scene as soon as it occurs
  • Follow-up photographs of the healing process of your child
  • Follow-up photographs of the scene afterward.

Choosing the Right Daycare Negligence Lawyer

Hiring an Alpharetta daycare negligence attorney increases the likelihood of success of your case significantly. Remember, the process of pursuing legal action against a daycare provider can be long and difficult.

Daycare laws and regulations vary from one state to another. Therefore, it’s difficult to grasp the factors that play into the particular incident that occurred. The daycare provider also will make it difficult for you to gather the necessary evidence and documents.

A daycare negligence attorney at Singleton Law Firm, LLC, Alpharetta can use their knowledge of the daycare and child protection law to circumnavigate these obstacles and come up with the strongest case possible against the daycare provider.

Keep in mind that your actions may be the only thing protecting other children from suffering from the same daycare injuries in the future. You should hold the daycare provider responsible for their negligence. It’s critical that you don’t feel dissuaded from pursuing legal action.

We’re dedicated to ensuring that you receive the highest compensation possible for the injuries your child has suffered. We only get paid if you do first because our firm works on contingency.

If your child has suffered an injury under the daycare provider’s supervision, don’t feel helpless. Our experienced Alpharetta daycare negligence attorney can help you get compensation for your child’s injuries. We’ll also ensure that the at-fault party does not repeat a similar daycare injury.

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Alpharetta daycare negligence attorney

Daycare Negligence Alpharetta

Daycare Negligence and Personal Injury Law

Every parent on the planet has the same fear. Their child being hurt while in a daycare facility. Unfortunately, for a number of families across the country, this has become a reality. Injuries incurred at modern daycare facilities range from minor too serious; and in some cases, even death. There are cases in which the underlying problem aligned with daycare negligence of the actual caregivers of the facilities. In addition, incurred injuries are associated with a caregiver’s failure to act appropriately.

In the event that daycare negligence does occur, the civil justice system is there to assist you in the provision of compensation and accountability.

Small Mistakes Can Be Serious

It is expressly imperative that both caregivers and parents understand that minor lapses in care can lead to a fatal outcome. The lack of proper monitoring can lead to an outcome that cannot be reversed, resulting in a change of life or loss of life for the child in the care of a daycare facility.

Protecting The Vulnerable

Children are the most vulnerable members of society and for that reason caregivers MUST act carefully at all times. The greatest cause of daycare injuries has been found to be due to a lack of adequate staffing as well as supervision.

The Signs Of Negligence

More often than not, daycare negligence remains unnoticed until it is far too late. Federal as well as State laws exist that propose standards that facilities must follow. These standards are inclusive of the removal of known dangers, the maintaining of proper emergency care-giving items, and adequate oversight. Any facility that fails to abide by said standards will find themselves thoroughly liable in the event of an accident and/or injury.

When Choosing a Daycare Facility

When searching for an acceptable facility for your children, it is imperative that you consider the following:

· A proper child to caregiver ration

· First aid supplies and tools that are easy to access

· Safety standards that are proper

· A prescribed food schedule as well as proper portioning

· Access to water that is adequate and convenient

· Clean bathroom facilities that are adequate for the children under their care

· A policy that prevents all forms of abuse (sexual, emotional, mental and physical)

Daycare Negligence Lawsuits

In the event that your child becomes injured while under the care of a daycare facility, it is highly important that you contact a personal injury attorney as soon as possible. This will allow you to learn precisely how the law applies to your respective case as well as the proper path to take for justice. Do keep, firmly, in mind that both the families as well as the victims of daycare negligence are entitled to monetary compensation.

Daycare Negligence


Daycare Negligence Attorney

Daycare negligence is an unfortunate cause of premises liability claims or lawsuits when the careless or wrongful conduct of daycare personnel and facilities leads to the injury or wrongful death of a child in daycare.

Daycare Negligence

Daycare Negligence: What Is It And How To Handle It?

Daycare negligence is every parent’s worst nightmare. When you drop off your young one at a daycare facility, you expect the care providers to take care of him or her. However, most parents usually receive calls about accidents while they are at work. Injuries that occur at these facilities range from bruises and scrapes to concussions and more serious injuries. In most cases, these injuries are caused by negligence, when caregivers fail to play their part.

Daycare Negligence – Small Errors Can Result In Death

Caregivers and parents should know that lapses in care are sometimes fatal. For instance, in October 2011, a three-year-old died in school after swallowing a pushpin. Before the incident, the child had been allowed to visit the bathroom – where he obtained the pushpin – unsupervised. The little boy swallowed the pushpin and choked; paramedics were not able to resuscitate him. Eventually, the facility was cited for not monitoring the child properly. Despite the serious allegations, the daycare facility was fined $150 only.

Unfortunately, such cases are common. In fact, that very same month, another 18-month-old baby died after swallowing a pushpin in a Kentucky daycare facility.

Protect the vulnerable

Children are the most vulnerable in society. Therefore, it is imperative that caregivers act with care to keep them secure and safe. Lack of supervision is the most common cause of injuries in daycare facilities. In some cases, daycare negligence is not intentional, like when it is caused by inadequate staffing.

Signs Of Daycare Negligence

Often, daycare negligence is not noticed until it is too late. Federal and state laws outline the standards that daycare institutions must follow: providing proper oversight and removing known dangers. When facilities fail to abide by these standards, they risk legal liability when accidents occur. They should provide the following:

Easy access to first aid equipment

Proper bathroom facilities

Good child to caregiver ratio

Safety measures that stop ‘wandering’ – where kids leave the facility without authorization

Policies that forbid mental, emotional, sexual, and physical abuse

Filing A Daycare Negligence Lawsuit

If your child has been hurt while at a daycare facility, you need to contact Singleton Law Firm Alpharetta quickly. Doing so will help you to file a strong case, because you will learn how the law applies to your case. The victim of negligence and his/her family can be entitled to compensation for damages that they suffer due to daycare negligence. To make sure you get the right monetary compensation, hire an experienced daycare negligence attorney.

Daycare Negligence

Daycare Negligence

Child Care Negligence

No one is more susceptible compared to our kids. For this reason it is important that day care professionals act carefully at all times and keep small children safe and sound. The absence of supervision is considered the single greatest explanation for child care personal injuries

Child Care Negligence

In the event you or a loved one has been harmed inside a child care location, it’s very important to get in touch with a injury lawyer to learn how the law applies in your situation. Both the victims of this specific negligence as well as their families may very well be entitled to economic compensation regarding damages endured because of child care negligence.

Daycare Negligence

No one is more susceptible compared to our kids. For this reason it is important that day care professionals act carefully at all times and keep small children safe and sound. The absence of supervision is considered the single greatest explanation for child care personal injuries.