The Economic Reality of Pursuing the Case

GA Personal injury attorneys at Singleton Law Firm take cases on a contingency fee basis. So, every lawyer makes a business judgment on every case he or she agrees to handle. Call Singleton Law Firm today at (770) 889 6010 if you need a personal injury lawyer in Alpharetta, GA.

Why a Personal Injury Attorney May Not Take Your Case

Sometimes you may be partly at fault. That means the monetary award will be eliminated or reduced depending on the extent of your fault. Call Singleton Law Firm today at (770) 889 6010 if you need a personal injury lawyer in Alpharetta, GA.

GA Personal Injury Attorneys

GA Personal Injury Attorneys – 3 Key Reasons Why a Personal Injury Attorney May Not Take Your Case

Are you wondering why some GA personal injury attorneys will not take your case? You may not find a lawyer who will accept your case even after you have been injured and you believe you have a case.

In this article, we will look at THREE key reasons why GA personal injury attorneys may decline your case.

  1. How the Accident Happened

One of the first things that a GA personal injury attorney consider is how the accident occurred. If someone breached a legal duty or in layman’s terms do something wrong that caused your injury, you can hold him or her financially accountable.

The fact that your injuries are severe or they happened on a premises doesn’t guarantee you compensation. You must prove that the other party was at fault and their fault or contribution was less than 51% to have a viable personal injury claim, Alpharetta.

Sometimes you may be partly at fault. That means the monetary award will be eliminated or reduced depending on the extent of your fault. As a result, GA personal injury attorneys may decline your case.

In short, every personal injury attorney analyzes whether legal responsibility can be established and gauge the possibility of success.

  1. The Injury isn’t Serious Enough

GA personal injury attorneys always hear “I could have been killed,” that isn’t an element of damages submitted to the jury in Alpharetta, GA.

Another common saying that’s a red flag to a personal injury lawyer is “it is a matter of principle.

GA personal injury attorneys focus on the legal damages as a gauge of the anticipated recovery for handling the case. Speculative damages whether injury or financial don’t help you get a good lawyer.

In personal injury cases, how bad you’re hurt is the most crucial factor in a case. If you suffered minor injuries, a lawyer might pass on your case since the expected compensation will be minimal.

Furthermore, attorneys also factor in the cost of developing a testimony to prove up your injuries into their analysis. The cost of the expected depositions may exceed the expected return on your case, and therefore, a personal injury attorney most likely won’t accept your case.

  1. The Economic Reality of Pursuing the Case

GA Personal injury attorneys at Singleton Law Firm take cases on a contingency fee basis. So, every lawyer makes a business judgment on every case he or she agrees to handle. Things such as the cost out of pocket for the lawyer to develop your case, the amount of time that the lawyer expects to spend on your case and the expected fee are factored into that business judgment.


Another situation that might prove difficult is when the personal injury victim has significant injuries that require specialized medical care. This can come into play when the insurance to cover all the damages is insufficient, and the hospital would get the first money out of the case.

In summary, GA personal injury attorneys who handle cases on a contingency fee basis must be business persons and accept or decline cases after considering how much money and time they must spend to move a case forward balanced against the fee, which they expect to get should they be successful and the risks in a case.

Do you need a personal injury lawyer in Alpharetta, GA? Call Singleton Law Firm today at (770) 889 6010.

GA Personal Injury Attorneys

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What Is Personal Injury?

Personal injury is the term used to describe physical and mental injuries that occur because of someone else’s negligence, intentional actions, or strict liability.

Personal Injury Compensation

Personal injury law is designed to compensate the victim, through money, for the losses they sustained as a result of the accident.

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Personal Injury Case Explained

The fact that accidents are genuinely ordinary does not minimize the torment and perplexity that can result when an accident or injury happens to you, your friend or family member. If you choose to step toward ensuring your legitimate rights after an accident or injury, you might have various general inquiries regarding your personal injury case.

What Is A “Personal Injury” Case?

“Personal damage” cases are lawful question that emerge when one individual experiences distress from an accident or injury, and somebody else may be legitimately in charge of that distress. An personal injury case can begin to be formalized through civil court procedures that seek to discover others lawfully at fault through a court judgment or, as is much more normal, such contention may be determined through casual settlement before any claim is filed:

Formal “Claim” Unlike criminal cases, which are commenced by the administration, a formal personal injury case ordinarily begins when a private individual (the “offended party”) files a civil “complaint” against someone else, business, organization, on the other hand government agency(the “defendant”), claiming that they acted recklessly or unreliably regarding an accident or injury that caused distress. This measure is known as “filing a legal claim”. Our discussion on carelessness and confirmation is particularly supportive

Informal Settlement in reality, most contention about issue for a accident or injury are determined through informal early settlement, usually among those actually included in the question, their guarantors, and lawyers speaking to both sides.

A settlement regularly takes the type of dialogue, trailed by a composed understanding in which both sides do without any further action, (for example, a legal claim), decide on rather to determine the matter through payment of a willing amount of cash.

(Note: the “middle ground” between a legal claim and an informal settlement is alternative dispute resolution procedures like mediation and arbitration.)

What is a Statute of Limitations For A Personal Injury Case?

Offended parties have a constrained time in which to file a legal claim, called a “statute of limitations.” Generally talking about, the period directed by a statute of limitation starts when the offended party is injured or finds the injury. Statutes of limitation are officially set by state law and frequently differ by kind of injury. For example, the statute of limitation for injuries to a person in Texas is two years, five years for sex violations and one year for defamation. It can differ from state to state. For more details, see Find Law’s State Statutes of Limitations registry and Time limits to bring a Case: The Statute of Limitations

Where Are the Laws That A Govern Personal Injury Case?

Unlike other section of the law that discover their guidelines in statutes, (for instance, penal codes in criminal cases), the advancement of individual injury law has occurred for the most part through court decisions, and in treatises written by legal scholars. Many states have found a way to sum up the improvement of personal injury law in written statutes, however for actual purposes court decisions remain the principle origin of the law in any legal case emerging from a mishap or damage.

Do I Have a Viable Personal Injury Case?

Any potential personal injury case requires a comprehensive understanding of the certainties, the procedures, and the law. If a mishap has affected your life, you will need to take counsel from an knowledgeable lawyer to check whether you ought to seek after a legal claim. Not certain if you have a case? You can simply have a lawyer do a free assessment of your case here at Singleton Law Firm in Alpharetta.

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Personal Injury Case

Personal Injury Claims

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Tort Reform

The insurance industry and corporate interests have worked for decades to sell the story of “tort reform,” the idea that “frivolous lawsuits” and the high cost of health care can only be stopped by limiting people’s right to sue for damages. In the area of medical malpractice, the insurance industry has claimed that doctors’ fear of getting sued led them to practice “defensive medicine,” ordering expensive and unnecessary tests, which drove up health care costs. The solution proposed by insurers was caps on lawsuit damages, and other restrictions on the right to sue. A major study published recently in the New England Journal of Medicine confirms what multiple other studies have shown: tort reform has had no impact on defensive medicine. There has also been little impact on malpractice insurance premiums.