Slip And Fall Injuries Alpharetta

Personal Injury Lawyer: Slip & Fall Injuries

The term “slip and fall`” refers to an individual injury case in which one trips or slips and he or she is injured on the property of someone else. Such cases normally fall under the broad group of cases referred to as premises liability claims. Slip and fall injuries normally happen on premises or property maintained or owned by someone else. Therefore, the owner of that property can be held legally accountable.

Indeed, there are various risk conditions such as torn carpeting, poor lighting, changes in flooring, wet floor, or narrow stairs that can cause a person to slip and finally get injured. Also, the same can happen in case one trips on a cracked or broken public sidewalks. Moreover, slip and fall injuries can arise when an individual falls or slips outdoors due to rain, snow, ice, or a hidden hazard, like a pothole in the ground. In any case, the plaintiff should have sustained some injuries in order to collect.

Proving Fault In slip And Fall Cases

For sure, there is no accurate way of determining when a person (someone else) is legally accountable for another person`s injuries in case he or she trip or slip. Every case depends on whether the owner of the premises or property acted cautiously so that tripping or slipping was not likely to occur. Also, every case depends on whether a victim was careless in not avoiding or seeing the condition that resulted in his or her fall. Some rules help to decide if somebody else was at fault for a victim`s trip or slip and fall injuries.

In many instances, an individual who is injured in a slip and fall on another person`s property must always prove the cause of the injury was a dangerous condition, and that the possessor or owner of the premises/property knew of that dangerous condition. The dangerous condition should present an unrealistic danger to an individual on the premises or property. Also, it must have been a condition that the victim shouldn’t have expected under the circumstances. The later requirement means that one should be aware of, and also avoid obvious dangers.

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Slip and Fall Injuries

Slip And Fall Liability Law

Slip and fall law refers to the liability rules governing cases in which an individual falls to the ground and suffers harm due to a dangerous condition on someone else’s property. As a subset of personal injury law, these cases are controlled by the basic rules of negligence.