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Tractor Trailer Accidents Alpharetta

Tractor Trailer Accidents Lawyers

Welcome to Singleton Law Firm. This is a unique law firm in the industry. We have developed a unique focus on heavily-defended and complex cases such as tractor trailer accidents. For decades, our tractor trailer accidents attorneys at our legal firm have represented thousands of truck accidents victims throughout the area.

Indeed, our trucking accident lawyers are always devoted to aggressively pursue the compensation and justice that all our clients really deserve. Our legal team members have extensive skills, experience, and competency in these heavily-defended truck accident cases. Without a doubt, our experience in trucking litigation is well known all over the country.

Tractor Trailer Accidents

After been involved in a truck accident, it is always crucial to contact an experienced truck accident attorney immediately. All major trucking firms will hire the services of expert lawyers and send them to the scene immediately. As a victim, one should also do the same. Consider hiring our quality legal services.

Once hired, our professional truck accident lawyers will preserve crucial pieces of evidence. Besides, we will ensure that the scene is secure. Furthermore, we will take all necessary photographs & witness statements. We know that such steps are necessary since evidence can easily be lost, purposely destroyed, or misplaced. Therefore, preservation of such evidence is vital especially when proving liabilities in the collisions.

How Singleton Law Firm Attorneys Help Our Clients

Heavily-defended tractor trailer accidents litigation require thorough investigations, opinions of expert witnesses, and also the creative usage of discovery procedures after filing the suit. Our legal team fully understand that quick investigation of the crash scene is important. We also know that the trucking firm will dispatch their teams of investigators immediately. Therefore, as a victim, one requires experienced investigators who have enough skills and competency in documenting favorable evidence.

We have a team of qualified investigators who regularly visit truck accident scenes, and document any physical evidence. Our investigators are also responsible for searching eyewitnesses, yaw marks, skid marks, gouge marks, accident debris, and gas, oil, & radiator fluid stains which can disappear fast after an accident.

Also, our investigators will obtain motor carrier records, police reports, witness statements, safety logs, and photographs. The sooner a victim engages us to represent him or her, the sooner our experts will get to work.

We have experienced tractor trailer accidents lawyers. Our professional personal injury attorneys offer high legal representation level. Call us today.

Tractor Trailer Accidents


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