Truck Accident Lawyer in Hall County

Tractor-trailers weight 80,000 pounds, or more than 20 times that of a small passenger car. The weight difference is what causes so much damage. If you or someone you care about has been injured in an accident with this 18-wheelers, a qualified truck accident lawyer in Hall County can help you pursue a case if the truck driver was at fault for the wreck.

It’s important to find the right truck accident lawyer in Hall County because there are a number of players in these cases. Unlike personal cars, trucking companies often have their own insurance policies for liability and other cases. In addition, you may already be working with your health insurer or be using your auto insurance policy to defray

While Singleton Law Firm generally doesn’t advise waiting around, any truck accident lawyer in Hall County will tell you that after a few months, things can get difficult. Any records such as the driver’s log may be destroyed after six months, and building a case without them can be difficult. An experienced attorney can also help by pursuing accident reports from local law enforcement, as well as the history of the road where the accident occurred.

A truck accident lawyer in Hall County with experience

Choose a tuck accident lawyer in Hall County with experience because the attorneys on the other side will be paid by a business that could have deeper pockets. The process can become involved, and you have the best chance for a good result from someone who can navigate their way between insurers and other attorneys with ease.

The injuries or worse from an accident involving a tractor-trailer can be significant, but getting help with them doesn’t have to be. Contact an experienced truck accident lawyer in Hall County today. Call the Singleton Law Firm at 770-889-6010 or fill out our information request form at the top of this page. Let us be your truck accident lawyer in Hall County and get you the compensation you deserve.

Truck Accident Lawyer in Hall County

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Truck Accident Lawyer in Hall County